GoZone WiFi Ads4WiFi A cloud-based advertising platform enabling WiFi providers to earn direct revenues through trackable third-party advertising.

Eleven Eleven's Wi-Fi platform provides centralized cloud management for seamless authentication, connectivity, and high performance Wi-Fi across devices.

VAPP | Concentration Map Live count of your network devices in selected areas. Visually displays and track visitor’s presence and location with the help of heat maps.

July Systems Proximity MX™ from July Systems allows physical spaces to engage with visitors and integrate this data with their existing digital systems.

ENGAGEcx The only platform that delivers Location Analytics by Unique Visit, real-time Customer Engagement, Occasion Marketing and Team Collaboration

Mews Systems Our intuitive and easy to use PMS automates hospitality operation from the cloud, revolutionises guest experience and supercharges your revenues.

Aislelabs Social WiFi Transform your guest WiFi expenses into an asset with a one-click sign-in service that integrates with popular social media networks.

Aislelabs Campaign Email, surveys, and advertising in a unified multi-campaign management platform with metrics to quantify real ROI.

Purple We provide real-time analytics and marketing solutions for businesses wanting to understand how customers interact within their venue.

Euclid Enterprise Euclid's enterprise-grade solution with unlimited features and integrations identifies and targets offline visitors more easily than ever before.

Basking Automation Basking.io is an occupancy analytics platform, helping corporate real estate managers and landlords to understand how their spaces are being used.

Splash Access Custom Cisco Meraki splash page for WiFi that integrates into Paypal, Stripe, MailChimp, Azure, Gsuite, Mailjet for marketing and Authentication.

Aislelabs Flow Location analytics and footfall heatmaps with predictive intelligence to understand and forecast end-to-end visitor journey.

Skyfii | IO Connect IO Connect is a captive portal management and Guest WiFi analytics reporting tool. Centralise other data-sources in one easy to use platform.

Agreefy Engagement platform utilizing end-user location, behaviors & inputs in order to create actionable insights and directly manage end-user interactions

Beaconinside Proximity DMP Enabling you to manage large-scale Cisco Meraki beacon networks to gather geo data for customer analytics, instore experiences and asset tracking.

WiFi Marketing by VivaSpot VivaSpot seamlessly connects your POS, WiFi, CRM and customer’s smartphone, creating a powerful and automated location-based marketing service.

ConnectWise Unite ConnectWise Unite streamlines cloud solutions management, allowing MSPs to meet customers’ growing cloud needs simply and profitably.

Euclid Signal Euclid's free location analytics helps you measure visitors’ offline behavior and demographics - all without the need for customer-facing Wi-Fi.

Cloud4Wi | Volare Splash Offer simple, enterprise-grade guest WiFi for your company and visitors

Wifi Waiter Order and pay through the wifi login screen at large venues like stadiums, resorts and concerts. We convert wifi into a new revenue channel.

Armis Security for Meraki: Fast, Simple, and Agentless - Detailed inventory, risk assessment, and blocking for devices that threaten your business.

Aislelabs Connect Grow your CRM and run marketing campaigns and advertising by capturing demographics and contact information via enterprise-grade guest WiFi solution.

VAPP | Webex Teams Alert BOT Get your Meraki alerts using VAPP BOT on Cisco Webex Teams.

Rover Location-aware mobile campaigns designed in the browser and delivered natively in your app–no dev resources or app updates required

Skyfii | IO Insight IO Insight is an analytics based customer behaviour and venue performance reporting tool. Providing location, demographic and behavioural insights.

Mapwize Indoor Mapping platform for mobile app developers to create new digital services inside buildings using Meraki Location API and BLE.

Piper Piper provides quick and cost-effective location awareness solutions for enterprises to track assets using BLE technology.

Aerwave Rather than broadcast a generic, shared wireless network, Aerwave automates the delivery of a user's unique, private network on-demand.

Degree Analytics Calculate student success metrics like class attendance, on-campus time, and academic time. Then analyze which behaviors drive success.

Zenreach Turn your Meraki APs into a WiFi powered customer engagement platform!

VAPP | Wi-Fi Coverage Survey Speed up and automatically validate your Meraki Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.

Local Measure Local Measure uses location-based data to create a 360° view of the customer. Data is translated into actionable insights for your front-line teams.

Yelp WiFi Yelp WiFi makes it easy to capture customer emails, send promotions, and track campaign performance.

GoZone WiFi Marketing4WiFi Collect valuable user analytics over guest WiFi networks and remarket to customers using powerful relationship-building tools.

Skyfii | IO Engage IO Engage is an omnichannel marketing tool. Measure and optimise automated or bulk campaigns, with targeting including location and behaviour.

Cloud4Wi | Volare Compass Embrace location-based marketing to reach the right audience, at exactly the right place and time, and through the right channel

Nodle The Nodle Meraki app extends your Meraki network to let you track devices outside of your buildings or facilities.

VAPP | Configuration Backup Backup all configuration changes made in your network.

Cloud4Wi | Volare Spaces Use data for more informed business decisions and increased understanding of their effectiveness

Euclid Starter Euclid's free visitor analytics gives you access to rich behavioral data via customer-facing Wi-Fi and marketing reach with built-in integrations.

Bloom Intelligence A multi-channel guest analytics and automated marketing system that brings the power of e-commerce tools to brick-and-mortar locations.

OneLogin With OneLogin's Unified Access Management platform, eliminate shared credentials and provide admins and end users with secure single sign-on (SSO).