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Know your customer, like never before


How can you serve your customer if you don't know who they are?

Brick & Mortar Retailers have always had to serve their customers based on guess work around; who's coming in store, how they behave, and what they buy. 

Meanwhile, Online Retailers have been busy capturing ever more accurate customer profile data, and leveraging this to their advantage. It's no wonder Brick & Mortar Retailers are feeling hurt right now ... it's not a fair fight!

Well, the 'Next Generation Footfall' App from EVERYANGLE is here to level that playing field ... #Retail Battle Cry 📣


Here's what our 'Next Generation Footfall' App does ...

  • Gives you a breakdown of every customer visiting in-store, by gender, age and generation
  • Tells you where customers went in store and how long they spent there
  • Tells you whether customers were happier after their visit or not 😲
  • Integrates with POS solutions, to tell you who buys what
  • Generates live alerts when store performance looks set to miss targets (boo) or exceed them (yippee)
  • Equips you with easy to use dashboards, to understand store performance across multiple sites


A little info on how we do this ...

  • We build modular Computer Vision Apps which harness the power of Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras via the cool MV Sense API, which we then analyse using several machine learning algorithms - including our own, which we're really proud of.
  • We then perform some fancy computational analysis and hey presto ... equip you the customer with real time alerts, business intelligence dashboards and wait for it ... Artificial Intelligence powered Virtual Assistants. Yes this really is as cool as it sounds.


Why all of this is super important ...

  • Well, all of the above means you can tackle loads of business challenges facing pretty much every retailer on the planet right now. Here's 5 important examples:
  1. Split test window displays, external signage and in-store digital display
  2. Verify whether you're marketing to the right customer at the right time
  3. Spot shifts in customer profile by season and store format 
  4. Optimise your retail staff to customer ratio
  5. Increase door-to-cash conversion rate 💰


Other stuff you'll love ...

  • Modular Design - all of the Computer Vision Apps we create are modular in design ... meaning you only need to deploy them on the MV Smart Cameras that it makes sense to do so. Typically this means you'll only ever deploy EVERANGLE Apps on a subset of your Smart Camera estate.

  • Great Pricing - each of our amazing apps are available from $3 daily per camera ... less than a skinny chai decaf latte with sprinkles. 

  • Ridiculously Scalable - we've built our very own App Store to automate the provisioning and deployment for all our Apps, meaning you (or your Cisco Partner) can simply click to deploy ... and enjoy that skinny latte ☕  

  • MV Only - thanks to our exclusive focus on the Cisco Meraki MV Smart Camera platform, we deliver 95% accuracy across every customer visit in-store, ... not just the handfull of customers who typically connect to in-store WiFi platforms.


Key Features

Use Cases

  • Split test window displays, external signage and in-store digital display
  • Verify whether you're marketing to the right customer at the right time
  • Spot shifts in customer profile by season and store format 
  • Optimise your retail staff to customer ratio
  • Increase door-to-cash conversion rate

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

10% Conversion Increase Within 10 Weeks


A chain of hardware retail stores wanted to identify and improve their entrance to purchase conversion rate.


We identifed a 19% bounce rate for female shoppers, which the retailer used to improve the appeal of store entrances to female shoppers - increasing conversion through reduced bounce.

Frequently Asked Questions

You bet it is - you can sign up for a 14 day free trial with no obligation ... though we know you're gonna love it.
Simple, click on the 'Request Demo' button at the top of the page ... One of our crew will then reach out to get you setup and walk through any other questions you have.
From $3 daily per camera ... nope, that's not a typo.
Every App we create is based on the GDPR concept of privacy by design. What's more we're CIPP certified by the IAPP, to guarantee the highest levels of data protection in all we do.
All of them, though the MV32 isn't best suited for this particular App.


We're a friednly bunch and love to talk, so please reach out if you have any questions!