Engagement platform utilizing end-user location, behaviors & inputs in order to create actionable insights and directly manage end-user interactions

Location Analytics Marketing Point of Sale Wayfinding & Mapping

Utilizes location & behavior to drive engagement

Businesses find it difficult to understand how the customer behaves onsite, what they respond to and how to influence the customers future behaviours to drive repeat business and increase share of wallet per visit.
Currently a combination of discrete CRM (email, SMS, app), traffic counters, loyalty management, survey and feedback tools etc are used to achieve the same. The current solutions are fragmented, complex , not vertically integrated and expensive to deploy and use.

We offer an end to end solution to address the above challenges. We have a simple software layer solution called ‘Agreefy Connect’ that sits on top of Guest wifi which can be deployed in minutes. Agreefy Connect is your in-house WiFi marketing and analytics solution, enabling real-time communications with customers. Whether you are a small business with one location looking to talk to your customers, or a multi-national looking for efficiencies across your range of stores, contact us to discuss how we can help you

With our world-class geofencing technology you can understand the routes your customers take and how to improve your signage or staffing levels in order to make this easier for customers. Whether you want to help customers enjoy transiting through your airport or understand the location bottlenecks on your site.
Solution Features

Advanced Customer Analytics

Whether it is a simple wifi analytics or be an advanced marketing campaign effectiveness, Agreefy provides actionable insights thats simple and easy to understand.

Send latest offers in real-time and understand redemption rates by types of customer. Understand where your marketing budget can be spent more effectively with detailed analytics

Integrate customer learning back into your business plans through our analytics and insights packages. Focus on understanding your most important customers and meeting their need

Our solution provides

  • Social Media Integration
  • Simple and highly customizable Guest captive portals
  • Advanced Visitor Engagement platform
  • User path analytics
  • Real Time user monitoring and path tracking
  • High accuracy Indoor Wayfinding & Turn by Turn Navigation
  • Rich Proximity Push Messaging
  • Advanced integration with Cisco Spark
  • Inbuilt Marketing campaigns (Email, SMS, Push and proximity marketing)
  • High Accuracy Geo-fence solution
  • Zone analytics and customer journey
  • API for External Integrations

and more..

Support Details

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