AiRISTA Flow Staff Safety

Protect and Respond to Staff Threats

AiRISTA Flow is the world's #1 provider of 2-way communicating staff safety tags. 

We keep personnel safe in the most challenging environments. Our experience with systems deployed in prisons, mental health facilities, and even mines has refined our approach and the lessons learned over 10+ years. 

We integrate with Meraki cameras and sensors to give the employer a complete view of the situation. And with event recordings, you can review your protocols and responses for continuous response improvement. 

Use Cases

  • Staff Duress Alerting - Generate a duress event with the pull of a switch or button. - Our patented 2-way communicating tags relay the alert and location to the display on responders' tags. - A variety of rules allow for selective notification and escalation.
  • Man-Down Alerting - Keep staff safe when dangerous environments can result in loss of consciousness. - Automated response rules ensure a fast and coordinated response - False positive detection avoids false alarms.
  • Mustering and Personnel Accounting - When people are scrambled to a safe zone, automate the headcount accounting. - Used in environments like mines or where natural conditions warrant such as tornados.
  • Hand Hygiene - Improve compliance and reduce HAIs - Works with virtually any vendor's dispenser - Supports hygiene protocols for a variety of departments and staff roles.
  • Social Distancing & Contact Tracing - Tags warn wearers when within contact distance, and record the event if duration threshold is met. - Stored contacts are uploaded to the AiRISTA Flow cloud when contact tracing reports and generated. - Over the air programming allows custom tag settings for various environments and healthcare guidelines.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Panic Button for Hotel Employees

When city and state regulations began requiring the use of a panic button for hotel Guest Room Attendants, AiRISTA Flow worked with Meraki to develop a fast, affordable solution. Using BLE technology embedded in the Meraki infrastructure, hotel deployments required no additional infrastructure. Tags provided to the staff began working when they were turned on. Hotels like IHG were able to meet the fast approaching deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With the proper tag settings the Unified Vision solution will record for playback the paths of engaged individuals with time stamps. This is helpful for record keeping and analysis for continuous improvement.
The Unified Vision system can be configured to deliver panic alerts via text, email, and messages to the personnel tag. The B4n personnel tag has programable buttons the responder uses to indicate when they are responding, and once on scene whether more resources are required.
Yes. Our dispenser sensors can be retrofitted to any vendor's device.
Over years of experience, we have developed techniques to accurately detect an honest hand wash. These include distance of the employee, duration, as well as the vibration "finger print" of the pump's action.
No. The tags store up to 100 contacts. When the tags come near a Meraki access point or other gateway device, they upload their stored contacts to the AiRISTA Flow cloud portal. Stored contacts are cleared from the tag once the portal responds with a success indication.