Wireless Asset Tracking & Personnel Safety

AiRISTA Flow makes RTLS solutions that provide location insights of people and assets. Our solutions help businesses;

  • Track assets and locations over time
  • Locate people and things in real time
  • Maintain social distancing and facilitate contract tracing with the click of a button
  • Alert and respond to employees in duress situations
  • Remotely monitor environmental conditions like temp., humidity, vibration
  • Ensure process execution and adherence to best practices

The resulting business value includes;

  • Reduction in unplanned downtime
  • Improved asset utilization rates, reduced need for spares
  • Increase personnel safety to comply with regulations
  • Reduce the chances of COVID-19 infections in the workplace and quickly identify close contacts
  • Reduce healthcare infections through hand hygiene compliance
  • Efficient Management of WIP
  • Utilization-based equipment maintenance  schedules

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Personnel Safety The world's #1 leader of 2-way communicating personnel tags provide duress alerting and location. The text interface and programmable buttons provide a coordinated and measured response. Used in healthcare, industrial, and corrections, the tags are also used in mines for man-down detection.
  • Asset Tracking Not only are assets located in real time, but process flow efficiency is improved by automated oversight of the flow of WIP. With support for BLE 5.X, new use cases are available with increase location accuracy and tracking in the vertical dimension.
  • Social Distancing & Contact Tracing Wearable tags alert when distances between people come within a specified distance. The history of contacts and their durations are stored in a cloud portal for instantaneous contact tracing. 2-way communication with tags allows for remote configuration of tags allows customization of warnings, alerts, distances, grace periods, etc.
  • Hotel Guest Room Attendant Safety GRAs are one of the most vulnerable members of the workforce. Their safety is increased using wearable tags that create an alert with a button push. These leverage the BLE infrastructure made available with Meraki access points.
  • Hand Hygiene Infections in healthcare settings can be reduced when monitoring and reporting of hand hygiene is instituted. The solution can be used with virtually any soap dispenser and deploys quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BLE tags are low cost and offer long battery life. BLE+Wi-Fi tags are badge-style tags and require recharging every couple months (depending on tag configuration). AiRISTA Flow also offers an application that makes your smart phone act like a tag.
To speed deployment and keep costs down, an existing Wi-Fi network is typically used to communicate to the cloud based software platform. The BLE+Wi-Fi tags communicate directly with Wi-Fi access points. BLE tags can communicate with access points that support BLE. Older infrastructure that does not support BLE can use the AiRISTA Flow BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway – a small device that plugs into an AC outlet. AiRISTA Flow also makes available an app for smart phones and tablets that provide communication to the software platform through Wi-Fi or the cellular connection. Once contacts are uploaded to the portal, the portal returns an acknowledgement to the tag ensuring contacts are not missed.
Only the tag’s ID is stored in the cloud database. Any association of a user with a tag is under the control of the administrator. Data is retained for 30 days by default, then purged. Moreover, the software platform complies with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) protecting the use and retention of personal information.
The AiRISTA Flow implementation of BLE provides not only beaconing of an outbound signal, but it also scans (listens) for other BLE devices. The stronger the signal received from another tag, the closer the tag. Once the dB threshold representing six feet is met, we alert the individual and record the ID of the other tag. The AiRISTA Flow tags can be configured over the air. For example, if safe distancing recommendations change, the tags can be remotely configured to the new distance settings. Phone apps represent a challenge since antenna designs are unique and dB levels differ at six feet. AiRISTA Flow uses patented technology to normalize the effect across mobile phone vendors.
RF signals are effected when passing through water, and because our bodies are 60% water, they impede the signal. However, AiRISTA Flow has several patents that account for body position and interference. Although the result is not perfect, the impact is reduced. When considering body position, a tag worn on the wrist will ben less impeded than a tag worn on the chest for example.
A smart phone app is available which mimics the interface and operation of the Personnel Tag (B3 tag). This can be used in place of the tag, but introduces issues associated with use of personal property.