Aislelabs Insights

Unified customer behavioral analytics

Combine data from multiple sources such as cameras (MV Smart Camera line) , WiFi access points, beacons, and a multitude of other IoT sensors to reveal a 360-degree visitor view.  Automatically correlate and unify all sources on a single dashboard.


The Aislelabs deep learning engine unlocks operational efficiencies, predictive analytics, and customer behavioural insights operating on all available data sources. Combining the data from multiple sensing sources delivers superior location accuracy and detailed and precise associated metrics on customer behaviour.


The platform also natively integrates with our social WiFi and WiFi marketing platform Aislelabs Connect. Connect allows you to gain actionable demographic and psychographic intelligence effectively closing the offline to online customer journey. 

Use Cases

  • Streamline operations, reduce costs, and optimize staffing with data-driven insights on historical data as well as real-time intelligence.
  • Run campaigns with measurable ROI and measure new visitors, return visitors, dwell time, and benchmark events.
  • Empower leasing teams to attract the right tenant mix and maximize store layouts.
  • Convert data such as top paths, cross visits, desire paths into actionable insights and improve customer experience.
  • Venues and transit hubs can predict delays before they happen using current location data along with weather, road traffic conditions, flight schedules, camera counters, and other external data sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aislelabs Insights is an enterprise-level platform that works with airports, shopping centers, public venues, arenas, retail chains, brands, restaurant and beverage chains, and the hospitality industry. We work with industry leaders such as Toronto Pearson Airport, Oxford Properties, Cadillac Fairview, The Dubai Mall, Aroma Cafe, Simons, Starwood Retail Partners, McArthurGlen Design Outlets, and more.
Getting Aislelabs Insights working with Cisco Meraki is easy with just a few steps and can be done within 30 minutes. 1. Sign up with Aislelabs 2. Login to the Meraki online dashboard and navigate to the organization where AP's are to be integrated with Insights. 3. Configure the APs and send the validator string to Aislelabs 4. Post the URL and secret in the Meraki dashboard.
Aislelabs leverages the MVSense API and people detection capabilities to allow for a persistent identification of customers walking through a location. The Aislelabs Insights platform ingests this data and unifies it with all other data sources to provide a consolidated view of your customer’s behaviour. As a result location analytics and associated metrics are enhanced with superior accuracy.
We integrate with several vendors such as Meraki MV, Cloudvue, Brickstream/Flir and any other smart camera vendor that supports an API.
Yes! Aislelabs Insights thrives when there are multiple locations. It will allow you to consolidate data from multiple venues to a single place allowing you to cross reference the data.
Aislelabs Insights can be deployed in any country and has clients around the world spanning all six continents.