Security for Meraki: Fast, Simple, and Agentless

Armis uses your existing Meraki infrastructure to create a detailed inventory of every device on your network. In just minutes, and with no agents or additional hardware, our cloud-to-cloud integration with Meraki gives you visibility into the devices and software on your network, connections between devices, and services being used. Armis analyzes device behavior to detect risks and threats and blocks suspicious or malicious devices automatically.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Find every device: Armis uses your Meraki infrastructure to discover and classify every device in your environment including servers, laptops, smartphones, VoIP phones, smart TVs, IP cameras, printers, HVAC controls, medical devices, industrial controls, and more. This comprehensive device inventory provides critical information like device manufacturer, model, serial number, location, username, operating system, installed applications, and connections made over time.
  • Understand your risks: After identifying a device, Armis calculates its risk score based on multiple factors including software and hardware vulnerabilities that it detects on the device. This risk score helps your security team take proactive steps to reduce your attack surface, and helps you comply with regulatory requirements to identify and prioritize all vulnerabilities.
  • Detect threats: You can't put agents on unmanaged devices, so the only way to detect if they become compromised is to monitor their behavior on your network. Armis integrates with your Meraki infrastructure to monitor the behavior of every device on your network. When Armis detects abnormal behavior or an active threat, it alerts your security team and initiates an automated response.
  • Stop attacks: Busy security teams need all the help they can get, and automated workflows help them be efficient so they can focus on keeping your organization protected. Armis integrates with your Meraki infrastructure to block suspicious or malicious devices. This automation gives you peace of mind that an attack on any device will be stopped, even if your security team is busy with other priorities.
  • Enhance your existing security investments: Armis also integrates with your security management systems like your SIEM, ticketing systems, and asset databases, allowing these systems and your incident responders to leverage the rich information Armis provides.

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Customer Results

Major Retailer Identifies and Secures Enterprise IoT Devices Across 1,500 Stores

A nationwide housewares retailer with 1,500 retail stores & warehouses needed to see and secure any unmanaged - or unagentable - device across its business. This included things like video cameras, printers, smart thermostats, digital assistants, or even gaming consoles. In fact, these devices were invisible to them. They chose the Armis Agentless Device Security platform. It integrated with Meraki is just about 15 min. They now had a complete inventory of devices and could secure them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It's that easy. The Armis cloud-to-cloud integration with your Meraki infrastructure just takes a few clicks to get up and running. And since Armis leverages its own crowd-sourced device knowledgebase there's no learning period, so you can start seeing value immediately.
Yes! Depending on your network configuration, Armis can support both wireless devices in your environment as well as those that connect to your networking using a wired Ethernet connection. Armis can even detect and monitor behavior of Bluetooth devices in your environment.
No! Aside from a few simple steps to enable Armis to monitor your network traffic passively, there are no configuration changes required in your Meraki environment.
Armis has customers across every vertical including retail, healthcare, finance, IT, and manufacturing.
Medical devices increasingly rely on wireless protocols like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communication. Software agents can't be installed on any of these devices, and many of them use older or unpatchable versions of embedded operating systems. This leaves critical equipment and life-saving devices exposed to potential threats. Armis is designed to detect threats, analyze device behavior, and protect you from devices that exhibit risky or malicious behavior.