Asset Tracking in Healthcare

Optimal Workflow for Healthcare Facilities

PenguinIN zone-based asset tracking and management offers improved efficiency by reducing time wasted in locating misplaced assets and protects investment through theft and vandalism prevention.

Using Meraki infrastructure and certified off-the-shelf tags, assets can be easily tracked inside healthcare facilities. Answering “where is it” questions will be a thing form the past; preventing frustration and ensuring that the right assets and equipment are quickly found and put to their intended use.

We also work with healthcare clients to build custom dashboards around their asset utilization to allow for more informed business decisions.

(*) PenguinIN certifies off-the-shelf Bluetooth Low Energy tags which can live up to 2 years.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Identify whereabouts of missing items, analyze asset utilization.
  • Reduce acquisition costs to replace lost or stolen equipment.
  • Allow staff to quickly and easily locate medical equipment in real-time.
  • Fully searchable database of assets to improve inventory management.

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