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OverIP's Automation Hub is a managed automation platform that delivers business outcomes seamlessly without delay.

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Incorporate, automate and accelerate

The Automation Hub is a managed automation platform that allows businesses to automate any IT infrastructure. OverIP’s team of automation engineers implement automated workflows on demand, for your consumption via an ‘as a service’ model. Once built and tested, automation workflows are promoted to a dedicated services catalogue for execution by your business.

You can host any automated activity; from new site builds to simple infrastructure changes. Importantly, the Automation hub integrates with a myriad of operational tools to ensure all activities are seamlessly aligned with your business processes.  

Customer Results

  • Automated Site Builds

    An oil and gas company has embarked on a transformation program to upgrade and rebrand many of their offices across Australia. As part of this program, networking infrastructure is being replaced with Meraki infrastructure. Typically, this will cost thousands in provisioning fees and over 18 months to complete. OverIP deployed the automation hub to reduce costs and the programs duration. The client was able to achieve an 80% cost reduction and the transformation of 400 sites in under 3 months.

Use Cases

  • Host a new site build on the Automation Hub. Based on a site type, the automation hub will; create a a service desk ticket for monitoring the activity and log collection, allocate and configure infrastructure to your reference architecture, document the site build, load the devices into your corporate CMDB and notify engineering services to attend site for installation.
  • Using a multi-vendor infrastructure stack? The automation hub integrates with all major infrastructure vendors allowing you to make fleet wide changes to your infrastructure without the need to configure each separately
  • Are you required to run compliance audits on your IT infrastructure? The automation hub can perform compliance audits across your infrastructure at a click of a button. Custom audits will be built to your requirements.
  • Host test plans on the Automation hub. The automation hub can be used to perform a range of infrastructure system tests.
  • The automation hub is designed to be an extension of your team. We have various commercial models available to suit your operating model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the automation hub supports integration with Service Now.
OverIP have built flexible commercial models to ensure the automation hub fits into your program's structure. You can consume the service on a monthly subscription or on a per use basis.
The Automation hub is delivered as a service and therefore maintained round the clock by our automation experts.
The automation hub is designed to be a platform for you to host automated activities on. Any activity performed manually on IT infrastructure can be automated. We have automated standard changes, compliance programs, security audits, asset tracking, CMDB reconciliation, testing and infrastructure provisioning. Our automation team will build bespoke activities to meet your specific objectives.



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