Aware Software

Providing Insight into Your World

Aware Software provides a simple to use guest WiFi solution delivering a one-of-kind user experience that easily integrates with your Cisco Meraki infrastructure. Our platform incorporates multiple methods of authentication, built-in marketing capabilities, all while leveraging available analytics and demographics to better identify your end user base. Our solution is fully customizable and provides a professional onboarding experience for your end users.

o   Leverage your existing Cisco Meraki infrastructure to offer a simple guest wireless offering to your end users.

o   Protect your company‚Äôs best interest by requiring Term & Conditions prior to internet access.

o   Access available marketing data of your customer base by integrating Social Media and analytics platforms.

o   Enable customized bandwidth limits and session policies to better monitor end user activity on your network.

o   Integrate loyalty programs for increased visibility into your consistent traffic.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Create a superior professional wireless experience for your end user by implementing our captive portal platform.
  • Improve the knowledge of your end user base by gathering analytics and demographics to better understand market trends.
  • Boost your marketing exposure by linking Social Media platforms to your captive portal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform integrates easily with any Cisco Meraki deployment. With a few simple configuration changes, you can be up and running on a custom captive portal solution.
Our platform is compatible with all of the major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and can look into unique requests on a per request basis.
You name it! We can customize design, login method, terms and conditions, support options, redirect pages, and much more. From a design perspective, we have a complete in house design team that can create a fully custom portal design for your company. We will also work with any marketing team to meet specific requirements. A quick and easy consultation session with one of our experts will help determine the best fit for you.
Absolutely! We have an extensive list of management options and services to provide you with a turn key wireless solution.