Backend Retail by PenguinIN

For venues that Care

Retail store operation or backend retail concerns all aspects of keeping a store functioning well. PenguinIN Backend Retail platform provides essential features such as digitizing the physical space by uploading maps using a content management system and defining interactive zones, creating routes, and entering information related to each zone.  Tracking staff for attendance and presence purposes and issue alerts in case of absent staff or those who are outside their designated zones. 


PenguinIN can also track anything that is bulky, moves, and is of significant value. For example, forklift tracking and wayfinding (usually done on a tablet mounted on the forklift) with the ability to fence off floor areas during un/loading events from the content management system. Furthermore, tracked equipment and assets provide for data-validated utilization information such as operating hours of forklifts, zones requiring them the most, etc. providing an important decision-making tool.

Other features such as tracking of security staff and visitor tracking can be integrated to enhance day-to-day processes inside the stores.



Key Features