Basking Automation

Footfall Analytics is an occupancy analytics platform, helping corporate real estate managers and landlords to understand how their spaces are being used.

Know how your office space is being used

Basking Automation is an occupancy analytics platform, helping corporate real estate managers and landlords get a granular understanding of how their spaces are being used.

Knowing that each office and each workforce is unique, we equip real estate executives with the data they need to optimize their leases, improve how office spaces are designed and ultimately increase their workforces’ productivity and satisfaction.

We leverage existing WiFi infrastructure and our proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide our customers with insights into the real-time occupancy and space utilization across their portfolio. Our web-based app is easy to use, fast to deploy across portfolios, and privacy-compliant.

Basking’s customers include Linux Foundation, Colliers International and NAI Apollo. Our solution is currently deployed in the office spaces across the US and Europe, including San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Toronto, London, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Berlin.

Basking has been recognized as a top software provider of the year by German Property Association, winning the ZIA Office Awards 2019.

Since March 11, 2019, is the official partner of Colliers International. As partners, Basking and Colliers’ experts in workplace solutions and occupier services are helping clients to better plan staff allocation, lease handling and portfolio strategy based on real-time occupancy analytics.

Use Cases

  • Optimize the real estate footprint: use occupancy data to uncover potential savings on the real estate portfolio, and better plan your workplace allocation strategy.
  • Make data-based investments in amenities: use data analytics on how people use amenities across your portfolio to guide new CAPEX investments.
  • Understand collaboration rates: see the amount of time different team members spend working together, and use it to encourage collaboration and communication between the teams.



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