Social Distancing

Office occupancy analytics for COVID-19 response


As the companies worldwide are preparing for the lockdown restrictions to be lifted, most of them are struggling to provide a safe office environment for staff returning to work with:

  • No real-time data on office occupancy;
  • No real-time alerts to ensure compliance with density per person standards;
  • No ability to trace visits from offices affected by the outbreak.


Basking’s AI & WiFi-based occupancy analytics platform is uniquely positioned to help companies in post-COVID-19 times. It‘s a quick-to-deploy, highly scalable and non-intrusive solution.

Basking’s real-time occupancy monitoring enables:

  • Automated compliance - reporting and tracing based on governmental density and social distance standards.
  • Safety & productivity insights - safe return to offices via staggered shifts, optimized cleaning and lower desks capacity.
  • Cost savings - data-driven portfolio optimization based on the adoption of work-from-home policies.

Basking is providing free access to its app while the lockdown restrictions are in place.

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  • Real-time office attendance tracking.
  • Automated social distancing compliance, incl. real-time alerts if the density levels are exceeding the pre-defined values.
  • Office-to-office mobility monitoring for fast response measures when a positive COVID-19 case is identified.
  • Real-time occupancy heatmaps dashboard for cleaning services to prioritize the cleaning of the recently occupied office areas.
  • Forecasting post-lockdown office occupancy levels based on mobility patterns and Work-From-Home adoption among the employees.
  • Instant data streaming based on Cisco Meraki Scanning API integration.
  • Room- and desk-level occupancy monitoring based on Cisco Meraki MV cameras (GDPR-compliant).

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Key Features

Use Cases

  • Basking enables automated social distancing compliance, including real-time alerts if the density levels are exceeding the pre-defined values.
  • Office-to-office mobility monitoring allows for fast response measures (proactive facilities cleaning) when a positive COVID-19 case is identified.
  • Real-time COVID Response Compliance dashboards allow the executive stakeholders and employees to see the adjusted capacity of the building and actual occupancy rates across the company's offices.
  • Basking also enables the forecasting of the post-lockdown office occupancy levels based on mobility patterns and Work-From-Home adoption.

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Customer Results

Portfolio-wide occupancy monitoring for Colliers International's Back-to-Office measures

“During the pandemic, Basking has worked diligently to help us track patterns of movement and identify capacity and utilization, which are key areas for us to monitor as our people return to the workplace.” Andrea Wolf, Global Vice President, Real Estate & Workplace Strategy & NAI apollo: space optimization in Frankfurt HQ office

NAI apollo is an owner-managed real estate consultancy headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, advising clients Germany-wide on transactions in commercial and residential real estate. Results: - Unlocking the potential for 75 more people to be allocated in the office without an increase in footprint - Identified opportunity to repurpose up to 670 m2, by reducing the number of workstations to improve office conditions and enable Activity-Based Work - Saving up to €200,000 a year in cost avoidance

Colliers International achieves better staff allocation in its London HQ

Colliers International is a global commercial real estate services organization with approximately 12,000 employees in more than 500 offices in 69 countries.\ Basking deployed its software solution within 4 offices across Canada, the US, & the UK. The following case study applies to their main office in London, with results analyzed over a period of 3 months. Findings: EUR 984,000 per year in cost avoidance through more efficient staff allocation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basking is using "network-as-a-sensor" approach to provide the workplace occupancy analytics solution that is easy to use, fast to deploy across multiple office locations, and protective of the employees' privacy. We leverage existing WiFi infrastructure and our proprietary machine learning algorithms to provide our customers with insights into workplace occupancy, space utilization and mobility patterns. Using WiFi as the primary source of data, the Basking software securely connects to the existing wireless network consisting mainly of WiFi access points distributed within the space. These access points see the WiFi-enabled devices connected to the network or within its vicinity. The connection enables the network management system to securely & unidirectionally send data to Basking, limited only to the data needed, not more. Basking automatically starts anonymizing and analyzing the incoming data stream – and after applying a series of algorithms to filter the data and assess the positioning of devices using location triangulation, the software accurately transforms this data into anonymized aggregated statistics on the number of people and their location within the space, in near-real time.
Basking Automation is focused on helping corporate real estate and workplace strategy managers with COVID-19 response measures. In the short term, we help by enabling the automated Social Distancing compliance, and in the long term, we help to optimize the corporate real estate portfolio based on the employees' occupancy and mobility patterns.
We believe that having transparency during this time is critical for the operation of offices and teams. Basking’s workplace occupancy analytics platform is an AI & WiFi-based technology, that derives the occupancy insights from the existing networking infrastructure in the clients’ offices. This combination allows Basking to start collecting data quickly and safely as part of COVID-19 response.
Basking is fully integrated with Cisco Meraki Scanning API, which allows for a seamless data integration - the whole setup can be completed in minutes.
At Basking, we take strong measures to reinforce the security of our data and comply with privacy laws and regulations, including GPDR. Many of those measures are built into the design of our solution, while others are key principles we apply when working with the customer data: - Pseudonymized device MAC addresses - No granular occupant data – only aggregated statistics - No control or impact on the network - Secure servers in the cloud with access control preventing unauthorized access - Compliant with privacy laws and regulations, including GDPR.


Basking support includes: - Up to 6 hours per month of support and customization work for data science, data engineering, product development and custom reports requests, depending on the Subscription Plan. - FAQs and Technical Documentation. - Software upgrades and updates.