Beaconinside Proximity DMP

Enabling you to manage large-scale Cisco Meraki beacon networks to gather geo data for customer analytics, instore experiences and asset tracking.

Asset Tracking Location Analytics Marketing Point of Sale


The Proximity DMP enables companies from various industries to turn their local customer visits into data. It can be used to improve the shopping experience and optimize the customer journey in local stores.

    • The Proximity DMP enables you to analyze the collected offline data from all proximity technologies. It provides insightful dashboards about POS performance and frequency of visits.
    • You can engage with your customers right at the moment of their buying decision. The Proximity DMP triggers location-based campaigns and provides analytics for precise retargeting – online and offline.
    • Set-up, configure and manage large-scale POI technologies like Cisco Meraki Beacons, Geofences and NFC infrastructures to gather location-based data for infrastructure monitoring and asset tracking.

Cisco Meraki & Proximity DMP

Cisco Meraki owners already have Bluetooth advertising and scanning capabilities built into their access points. Now they get the added flexibility of the Proximity DMP, with a diverse number of location-based solutions such as Customer Analytics, Proximity Marketing, Asset Tracking and more.

    Easily enable Cisco Meraki access points to act as Bluetooth beacons to run various location-based services.
    Our platform is offered as a cloud service. That saves you lengthy and costly implementation and maintenance efforts.
    We strictly comply to the new European General Data Protection Regulations
    We are the only Google verified Location Service Provider in Europe and one of only four all over the world. We support all Eddystone formats including the secure EID.
    The Proximity DMP comes with server-to-server APIs and cross platform SDKs for fast integration and data exchange.
    A fully hardware and vendor agnostic platform. We support all iBeacon, Eddystone and custom beacon advertising profiles.

Customer Results

ESPRIT: 360° Customer Insight and Increased Engagement

For an international fashion retailer it is essential to optimize the cross-channel customer journey, e.g. through offering a shopping basket and loyalty program that works online, offline and on mobile. The customer receives a message about not yet bought products from the online shop when entering a store. Furthermore, Esprit utilizes Proximity DMP to engage with customers inside and outside the store with messages about newly arrived products or current specials.

Use Cases

  • Access real-time events such as visitor frequency, loyalty metrics, heatmaps etc by leveraging the Proximity DMP and the BLE capabilities of the Cisco Meraki access points.
  • Integrating with the Proximity DMP makes it possible to setup campaigns and engage with customers using your own App. All of which can be done in a few clicks for both beacons & geo-fences seamlessly.
  • Businesses with an existing network of battery powered beacons can very well capitalize on our infrastructure management and sharing features. You can also monitor a beacon fleet using the Cisco Meraki access points' scanning features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Proximity DMP customers are spread across retail, cinemas, loyalty programs, supply chain & logistics, food & beverage, public transport, hospitality etc.
Yes, you can still use the Proximity DMP to digitally engage your customers through NFC tags/stickers and QR Codes. This does not require an App on the end user's side. We used to support Physical Web/Nearby Notifications for beacons as well but Android stopped supporting it from 6th Dec'18 onwards.
You can directly download our mobile SDKs for iOS or Android from Github. Integration effort is typically only a few hours plus testing per operating system.
Our service consists of providing the Proximity DMP platform that lets you analyze and visualize customer behaviour. But we have a preferred list of beacon vendors that can be found on our website.
Either sign up for a Proximity DMP account yourself or contact us for a demo. Setting up a proof of concept can be done within days.



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