Bloom Intelligence

E-Commerce Tools for Brick and Mortar Locations

Bloom Intelligence is the best-in-class guest analytics and marketing engine that operates exclusively on the Cisco Meraki WiFi platform. It allows brick-and-mortar location to begin collecting customer data as soon as a guest walks in the door, whether or not they connect to the WiFi. The cutting-edge customer intelligence engine collects customer data from multiple channels, including WiFi sensors, online and offline behavior, social media, and point of sales systems.

Our proprietary algorithm sets incorporate machine learning, predictive analytics, attribution models and artificial intelligence to deliver deep customer insights while building detailed customer profiles.

The Bloom Intelligence customer intelligence engine delivers real-time market research to organizations from a large sample size of customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional providers.

Our enterprise solutions allow our customers to use their guest data when and where their organization needs to drive deeper value and understanding. they utilize our enterprise integrations to add our intelligence into their ecosystem to trigger specific workflows.

Our customers can leverage customer intelligence and analytics to personalize their guests' experience, reduce churn, and increase frequency, spend, and guest satisfaction.

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Use Cases

  • Atlanta Bread Company is a mid-sized quick service restaurant with stores in 8 U.S. states. The chain utilizes Bloom Intelligence across its entire network of corporate stores, and in many franchise locations. What Bloom Did For Them: • Deployed customized landing pages • Automated the collection of customer e-mails • Delivered detailed data on walk-by traffic and visitors • Provided integrated loyalty tools
  • World of Beer is a franchised beer tavern offering music, beer, and bar bites. Corporate managers were looking for a better means of collecting customer emails for digital communications, chainwide. What Bloom Did For Them: • Captured detailed guest visit, demographic, and social media data • Increased e-mail collection by 7.52X • Enabled digital campaigns through the Automated Marketing Suite
  • For additional case studies, white papers, and information, please visit the Bloom Intelligence web site by clicking here.

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“Bloom Intelligence has been able to collect our guests' information as segmented data, which will enable us able to deliver messages to qualified persons at the right time and the right place." ~ Bloom Intelligence Customer's Director of Brand Activation and Field Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Bloom Intelligence can detect guest presence and show most data even if guests never connect to the WiFi system. Only personally identifiable information (PII) such as a guest's name, e-mail address, age, or gender, require that guests sign on to the WiFi at least one time.
Bloom Intelligence exclusively supports only Cisco Meraki access points, and can be connected to any Cisco Meraki cloud-managed access point network.