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Footfall Analytics

Get a better understanding on your visitors behavior and create awesome dashboards to aggregate several sources of datas (wifi, beacon, cameras...)

Better, Faster, Stronger Analytics

There are so many web tools to track and understand websites visitors. But what about the physical world? It's a different story!

Boundless Analytics has been developped to help Meraki customers to take control of  their physical environments and provide the business drivers like Marketing and Sales powerful tools they can use on a day-to-day basis.

We rely on Meraki Scanning and MV Sense API to create value out of the data that is collected through wifi, beacon and camera technology. And we provide our development and data visualization expertise to build awesome and relevant dashboards.

Use Cases

  • Whether theirs is a global brand, or an independent shop, all retailers want to know how many people have walked through the doors, since it shows where the sales opportunities lie. Counting store visits manually is impossible for all but the smallest firms, which is why successful retailers use real-time footfall analytics to drive conversions and track performance
  • A heatmap is a graphical representation of data that indicates how the visitors are distributed across a site such as an airport, a mall or even a city.
  • Visit Duration can help retailers getting a better understanding of visitors behavior in-store. If they stay longer they have a bigger probability of buying.
  • The frequency helps retailers to monitor customers fidelity.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect raw data from the Meraki API and we calibrate the metrics to be as accurate as possible. We also provide a standard dashboard that is more intuitive and easier to read for a non-technical person. We also develop custom dashboards to aggregate different sources of datas and bring the most value from an IT infrastructure (Wifi, beacons, IoT, cameras...)
Yes, the data that we collect is anonymized so that we cannot identify the end-user.
We can use wifi, beacon and camera datas to track and analyze the visitors behaviors on site. Cisco Meraki provides a complete set of solutions and Boundless Digital is able to use each one of them to perform awesome analytics.



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