Boundless Automation

No-Code Automation Platform for Meraki APIs

In today’s times, IT leaders are required to rethink old operating models and implement digital initiatives that translate to increased agility and speed for the entire organization. This entails finding new ways to adapt to rapid changes and automating processes, so that any changes and new standard can easily and rapidly be scaled across organisations and networks. 

Automating operations in the provision, configuration and monitoring of IT network lead to an increase on efficiency . But it can easily become a complex task, as it requires additional skills to bridge technologies through the integration and combination of APIs.

With Boundless Automation simplify and automatize complex multisite network configuration

  • Streamline network configuration and reduce potential errors
  • Iteratively introduce new applications faster and securely
  • Enforce the consistency of systems and devices across sites

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Configuration Templates List templates and create customized ones Widely deploy new, updated or cloned configurations simultaneously Easily compare and adjust configuration setting across sites
  • Advanced Monitoring Monitor all connected clients on an organization with multiple networks and collect analytics
  • Wifi QoS Monitoring Development of a web dashboard that displays wifi connected users classified by technical informations (packet loss, latency...) Integration with APIs: Wifi Health, Scanning, Dashboard...
  • Alerts Configure alerts and resolve issues in batches
  • Security Rules Management List and categorize firewall rules Configure rule sets and compare configuration across sites Export in XLS format
  • Tags List Devices, Networks and Switch Ports Tags Compliance Check Batch Configuration and Deployment

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Lagardere - 1000 stores

Problem - 1000 networks 1000 mx - Network migration of payment terminals , downtime means lost revenue - Error prone Solution - Script to create networks from XLS file, and configure template and VLANs - Migrated devices from old network to new network Benefits - Saved 3 weeks for network migration - Daily monitoring of clients in org