Boundless | Clone & Migrate

Clone your organizations, configs and networks


Replicate configuration standards to create new organizations and migrate existing ones autonomously

The Org Cloning application provides you with an easy way to roll out large organizations in a matter of minutes, by cloning a golden configuration or using an existing organization as a model.

This new solution responds to widely spread use cases as it enables network admins to replicate all elements of a config to your new organization and preserve all networks and templates.


1 | Deploy and provision new organizations using a golden config

Network automation starts with standardized configurations.

Setting up a golden configuration and replicating it to your new orgs can save you hours of labor-intensive deployments.

The Org Cloning feature copies all networks, templates, and configs to a target organization in a matter of minutes, eliminating the manual work and risk of human error.

The benefits brought by this tool are immediate in terms of time- and cost- savings.


2 | Restructure large organization without downtime

There are many situations that require moving networks between Cisco Meraki organizations. Restructuring large orgs is one of them.

This can be a quite daunting process as it is usually done manually, sometimes generating downtime.

The Org Cloning feature migrates your networks across organizations with zero downtime, allowing you to prevent any associated revenue loss for your business.

If you want to also migrate your devices across different orgs, you can also use the Device Migration tool which will save the device configuration and automatically move it.


3 | Create a backup of your organization

Many network engineers have been missing a backup functionality on the Meraki Dashboard.

The Org Cloning feature can fill this blank as it allows you to create an identical copy of an existing organization configs and its networks.


Technology powered by the Meraki Dashboard API

The Org Cloning application is part of Boundless Automation, a platform exclusively designed for Cisco Meraki networks and powered by the Meraki Dashboard API.

The Boundless Platform seamlessly integrates with your Meraki organizations by simply using your Meraki API key.

As it is a cloud-based solution, you do not need to install any additional software or hardware to start using Boundless Automation.

The Boundless solutions are the result of over 7 years of experience developing applications powered by the Meraki APIs.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Deploy and provision new organizations within minutes using a golden configuration
  • Restructure large organizations and move devices across networks
  • Create back-ups of your Meraki organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Boundless Automation is a network management and automation platform that enables networking teams to streamline the deployment, configuration, auditing, and monitoring of large Meraki organizations. Boundless Automation offers the power and flexibility to manage large organizations more efficiently and at scale.
Boundless Automation has been designed to support networking teams and managed service providers manage large and complex Meraki organizations more efficiently and at scale.
Boundless Digital is a fast-growing technology company specialized in the development of network automation, management, and connectivity solutions. We offer a stack of enterprise-grade solutions designed to improve IT efficiency and streamline network operations through API-based automation.
While our headquarters are based in France, our operations expand worldwide.
Yes, Boundless Automation includes several pre-built applications and tools, also available on the Meraki marketplace. For more information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us at any time.
Indeed, you can sign up for a 14-days free trial. During the trial period, you can explore all Boundless Automation applications with no limitation. No credit card required.


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