Boundless Guest

Guest WiFi Proximity Marketing Online to Offline Marketing

A Cloud Captive Portal with Log Retention Solution that makes the configuration & administration of wifi guest access feel like a walk in the park!

Cloud-based guest Wi-Fi solution

Thanks to its Cloud-based infrastructure and functionalities, Boundless Guest allows for more simplicity, flexibility, performance and cost-efficiency than the traditional controller-based solutions.

Simplify guest Wi-Fi  management

  • Fast and seamlessly set-up, without complex hardware or software installation
  • Centralised management for multiple access points, with individual location administration
  • Intuitive interface with multiple customization possibilities based on each location’s needs

Overcome hardware limitations thanks to SaaS technology

  • Remote monitoring, management and deployment of new locations
  • Rapid scalability from one to multiple access points
  • New functionalities deployment acceleration on all existing access points

Nurture CRM and DPM platforms

  • Customer data collection and analysis for an informed decision-making process
  • Multiple authentication options, including social logins, SMS and email address
  • 100% compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Maximize marketing opportunities

  • Individually customizable and adaptative Splash page
  • Enhanced user experience through SMS and emailing
  • Marketing automation opportunities

Use Cases

  • Social Login No complicated passwords to share, just quick and simple Social WiFi guest access. Customers get online using a social media account or email address. Promote your Facebook or Twitter Fan Page, gain more fans, followers, check-ins and tweets.
  • Build your Customer Database Upon accessing your WiFi, they will be put in a customer list with actionable data such as their contact information, demographics, social media, history, and many more!
  • Using Wifi as a Marketing Solution Turn your Free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating system. Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Run contests, promotions and special offers, engaging your customers in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a license base model. We can charge per access point or per site
We sell our solutions through our channel. We have an awesome partner program to onboard and assist the Cisco integrators in their digital transformation.
No! It's 100% cloud based!
Yes we are GDPR and CNIL compliant



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