Boundless I Audit & Compliance

No more worrying about network compliance


No more worrying about the compliance of your networks

Boundless Audit and Compliance is an advanced compliance toolkit that lets you quickly audit your networks against predefined compliance rules.

You can define your own parameters or rule sets and apply them to settings such as Security, Content Filtering, and Configuration.

You can also set specific Naming Conventions around networks and devices, and ensure your tagging system is organized at all times.


Streamline the Auditing of your Meraki Networks

  • Create and customize your own configuration and security rule set
  • Combine multiple configuration parameters from different categories within one same rule set
  • Automatically audit your selected networks and receive alerts if any of your networks isn't compliant


Ensure Tag conformity across networks and over time

  • Aggregate all your Tags into a single display and categorize Meraki networks, equipment, or switch ports
  • Easily audit, compare, and adjust your tags in bulks within seconds
  • Use the filtering tool to research specific resources
  • Automatically monitor the conformity of your tag system and get alerted when a device, network, or port may be incorrectly tagged


Maintain a correctly organized naming structure

  • Easily audit and update the naming structure of networks, devices, SSIDs, VLANS, and switch ports
  • Use advanced operators to more granularly define your naming structure
  • Automatically audit your organization and receive alerts when a network isn't compliant


Technology powered by the Meraki Dashboard API

The Boundless Audit and Compliance application is part of Boundless Automation, a network automation and management platform exclusively designed for Cisco Meraki organizations.

Boundless Automation provides advanced ready-to-use applications, powered by the Meraki Dashboard API. This allows Networking Teams to get more done with automation, without having to write a line of code.

The Boundless Platform seamlessly integrates with any Meraki organization, typically within seconds by just using your Meraki API key.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Ensure configuration and security compliance at all times by automating the auditing of your networks
  • Increase proactivity by receiving alerts when non-compliant changes take place
  • Reduce the risk of errors by ensuring consistency and compliance across all tags used throughout your Meraki organization: device tags, network tags or switch port tags.
  • Increase the agility of your teams when running audits or batch configuration changes across your Meraki networks, through a coherent and organized naming structure

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Customer Results

Boosted performance, reduced OPEX

Through the auditing module, the CCI Île-de-France was to easily compare multiple networks and ensure compliance with the security rules they put in place. This resulted in a considerable gain of time and an ability to react much faster in case of security attacks. Read the full story:

Frequently Asked Questions

Boundless Automation is a network management and automation platform that enables networking teams to streamline the deployment, configuration, auditing, and monitoring of large Meraki organizations. Boundless Automation offers the power and flexibility to manage large organizations more efficiently and at scale. As it is cloud-based, you do not need to install any additional software or hardware to start using Boundless Automation.
Boundless Automation has been designed to support networking teams and managed service business manage large and complex Meraki organizations more efficiently and at scale.
Boundless Digital is a fast growing IT and Technology company specialized in the development of modern network automation, management, and connectivity solutions. We offer a stack of enterprise-grade solutions designed to improve IT efficiency and streamline network operations through API-based automation. The Boundless solutions are the result of over 7 years of experience developing applications powered by the Meraki APIs.
While our headquarters are based in France, our operations expand worldwide.
Yes, Boundless Automation includes several pre-built applications and tools, also available on the Meraki marketplace. For more information, please visit our website or feel free to contact us at any time.
Indeed, you can sign up for a 14-days free trial. During the trial period, you can explore all Boundless Automation applications with no limitation. No credit card required.


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