Boundless I Monitoring

Easier and faster monitoring of clients & devices


Easier and faster monitoring of Meraki devices across networks and organizations

When you have hundreds of networks, manually searching for a specific device to see where it's connected becomes a rather time-consuming affair.

The Boundless Monitoring application simplifies the monitoring of all the devices connected to an organization.

Using the Meraki Dashboard API, the tool automatically discovers all the devices connected to your organizations, and aggregates and displays the information on one single screen.

This immediately provides network admins a clearer view over their networks, enabling them to speed up their operations and troubleshoot faster.


Gain increased visibility to all client endpoints connected to your network

  • Easily retrieve all client and device information from all your Meraki organizations and aggregate it within one single dashboard
  • Customize your dashboard selecting just the information you want to display
  • Advanced tools to enhance your search. Filter using all fields such as IP ranges and SSIDs, rather than only with MAC Address.
  • Get access to advanced data from your client devices such as general data, events, traffic history, usage history, etc.


Technology powered by the Meraki Dashboard API

The Boundless Monitoring application is part of Boundless Automation, a network automation and management platform exclusively designed for Cisco Meraki organizations.

Boundless Automation provides advanced ready-to-use applications, powered by the Meraki Dashboard API. This allows Networking Teams to get more done with automation, without having to write a line of code.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Find devices and client endpoints in your organization much faster
  • Aggregate all client devices connected to different networks on one single dashboard
  • Get advanced search functionalities and filtering by MAC or IP address, SSID, tags, etc.
  • List used ports, and check individual status and log history

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Customer Results

Better control over its networks

With over 5000 client devices connected to their network across 1000 MRs, the Lagardère’s IT team required more visibility on where and how each device was being used. Thanks to the Boundless Monitoring app, Lagardère has gained wider visibility into their organization, and can better manage and better control all the client devices logged-in to the different networks. Read the full story:

Frequently Asked Questions

Boundless Automation is a network management and automation platform that enables networking teams to streamline the deployment, configuration, auditing, and monitoring of large Meraki organizations. Boundless Automation offers the power and flexibility to manage large organizations more efficiently and at scale. As we are cloud-based, you do not need to install any additional software or hardware to start using Boundless Automation.
Boundless Automation has been designed to support networking teams and managed service business manage large and complex Meraki organizations more efficiently and at scale.
Boundless Digital is a fast growing IT and Technology company specialized in the development of modern network automation, management, and connectivity solutions. We offer a stack of enterprise-grade solutions designed to improve IT efficiency and streamline network operations through API-based automation. The Boundless solutions are the result of over 7 years of experience developing applications powered by the Meraki APIs.
While our headquarters are based in France, our operations expand worldwide.
Yes, Boundless Automation includes several pre-built applications and tools, also available on the Meraki marketplace. For more information, please visit our website: or feel free to contact us: at any time.
Indeed, you can sign up for a 14-days free trial. During the trial period, you can explore all Boundless Automation applications with no limitation. No credit card required.


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