Building Management System

Add intelligence to your building

Using the Meraki MT product line, PenguinIN offers Building Management System (BMS) capabilities to facility managers and venue operators. We offer customized eye-bird view of your building which are harvested from security cameras, alarms points, and sensors including – but not limited to - temperature, humidity, smoke, and dust.

The system can monitor, report on, and even offer actions based on the readings from the connected devices and pre-specified rules and setting. PenguinIN platform is custom to fit making it the solution-of-choice for a wide range of industries and use-cases.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Data room monitoring and ticket escalation with dispatcher and technician views
  • Instantly see and get notified of rooms with abnormalities
  • Directly call and assign tickets to corresponding teams to solve emerged issues
  • See full reports and historical data for every room, device, and sensor reading
  • Keep track of tickets and get notified for delays on delivery times
  • Monitor all cameras at once, or choose multiple cameras, or access a full screen view of a single camera

Frequently Asked Questions

Meraki provides a good range of sensors. However, our platform can integrate with 3rd party sensors where/when it makes sense.
The PenguinIN platform is an "aggregator" of sensors and control elements. So in scenarios where control exist (e.g. access control, light control, AC control) our platform does allow for the control (both automated and manual).
As a Meraki eco-system partner, we leverage the existing infrastructure where/when available. For example, if a particular location has Meraki cameras and/or access points, then that infrastructure may be used to offer relay functionality thus reducing the investment requirement. In such scenarios, the focus will be on the sensors thereby easing the overall investment .
We work with the MT product line (i.e. temperature, humidity, water leak and door status) and also integrate with others including access control, HVAC, light control, power consumption, video, dust, O2 and many others.
At PenguinIN we believe that no two clients are the same. Our solution our core functionality is built around Meraki API but we are willing to extend based on client needs by adding additional sensors and business rules.