Campus Pulse

Early Response & Safety Planning Resources

As college and university administrators seek to balance the viability and financial health of their institutions with the well-being and safety of students and staff, higher education is facing a historically difficult challenge of return. Degree Analytics is providing campus task force leaders with meaningful, just-in-time data for all affected stakeholders to support local reengagement success. My Campus Pulse provides an affordable entry path to early response, safety, and security planning to successfully implement, manage, review, and adapt plans for student and faculty campus return.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Contact Tracing - allows for the frictionless, real-time reporting of the specific community members impacted when CoVid-19 exposure is reported on campus. The platform also reports on the locations on campus where the exposed individual(s) have spent time. This automated platform will allow for better operational execution and planning of all campus re-engagement initiatives.
  • Density and Distancing Management - will provide real time density mapping information to designated users and alerts for areas on campus exceeding density protocols. Retrospective analysis will also be available in the system for the purpose of planning and management.
  • Campus Re-Acclimation - provides an automated report to authorized users which documents the number of people present on campus daily. Also includes is the amount of time they were on campus during the period. The system then provides an exportable list of those individuals, the times they were on campus, as well as, a list of those whose presence on campus has changed.

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