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Gain actionable location-based customer insights

Compass from Cloud4Wi is a unique location-based customer insights solution designed around the customer according to the new normal needs. 

With Compass, businesses and organizations can seamlessly and safely collect, analyze, and act on location-based customer data. Companies can gather location-based customer data with opt-ins 10x faster, in compliance with local privacy regulations and according to each company’s strategy.  

Using real-time behavioral insights, companies can discover new target audiences for more effective communications. They can unearth on-site behaviors and even identify locations that customers are likely to visit. Companies can also group customers into segments based on how they behave within and across their locations.  

From there, companies can perfectly connect with the right customers at the right by leveraging the insights they gained through Compass, and build exceptional one-to-one relationships. They can deliver perfectly-tailored communications at the right moment and drive a +30% lift in click-through rate. This enables them to achieve 30x ROI.

 Key Benefits:

  •       Highest performing customer data collection (quantity and quality)

  •      Real-time, location-based actions that properly trigger customers during the journey 

  •        Location-based customer insights that enable perfectly-tailored communications 

  •        Live from day one with Cloud4Wi’s out of the box marketing tools and ready-to-use connectors with third-party systems.

  Download Cloud4Wi Compass data sheet here.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Collect customer contacts and consents in compliance with privacy regulations
  • Enrich customer contacts with on-site journeys
  • Gain insights into on-site customer behavior and make data-driven decisions
  • Effectively connect with their customers in meaningful ways by using Cloud4Wi’s out of the box marketing tools
  • Feed customer data into their existing marketing stack in real-time

Customer Results


PerDormire turned one-time store visitors into brand ambassadors thanks to Cloud4Wi

  • Grow the brand’s database and collect customer data in compliance with GDPR
  • Create comprehensive, 360-degree views of customers that included online and offline data
  • Interact with customers in exciting ways and provide personal shopping experiences
Read the full success story here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud4Wi helps companies across multiple industries, including retail chains, restaurant chains, shopping centers, entertainment, transportation, finance, hospitality and more. Top global companies rely on Cloud4Wi. Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi. They include Armani, BAC Credomatic, Burger King, Campari, Carmila, Diamonds International, Gruppo FS Italiane, Guess, Herschend Family Entertainment, Klepierre, Kudu, Lacoste, Loro Piana, MaxMara, New York Botanical Garden, Prada Group, Talent Garden, The Cordish Companies and Valentino. 
Cloud4Wi’s Compass is up and running in just a few steps: 1. Get your Cloud4Wi’s Compass account 2. Configure the Meraki dashboard 3. Add the APs in Cloud4Wi’s Compass dashboard 4. Personalize the subscription journey 5. You are live! With the new Meraki Connect, minimize setup and maintenance efforts!
Cloud4Wi operates in any country. To date, Cloud4Wi connects more than 150 million mobile customers across 60,000 locations in more than 120 countries, while collecting more than 20 billion of location data per month. Cloud4Wi is headquartered in New York, and has offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Milan, Pisa, São Paulo, and Bangkok.


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