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Empower your guest WiFi experience

Splash from Cloud4Wi is the only enterprise guest WiFi solution with analytics and marketing capabilities that enables businesses and organizations to create value for all company stakeholders in compliance with privacy regulations, without adding any complexity.


With Splash, companies can get their guest WiFi up and running in just a few clicks, decreasing the burden on IT and reducing the total cost of ownership by 30%. From a single cloud-based dashboard, companies can manage guest WiFi across all their locations.


Splash supports multiple customizations. Companies can tailor every aspect of their guest WiFi to best suit their business and guest needs. Areas of customization include the data and consent collection process, the splash page design, login options, Internet access policies and the WiFi onboarding.


Thanks to the open architecture, companies can easily incorporate guest WiFi into their existing business strategies. Cloud4Wi offers unlimited ready-to-use connectors with all of the systems companies are already using, and provides a powerful Developer Hub including a rich set of APIs, webhooks, as well as a unique Mobile SDK and other development tools.


Key Features:

•       Customization of the data and consent collection process 

•       Easy and flexible guest WiFi management across multiple locations 

•       Fully customizable WiFi onboarding 

•       Unlimited ready-to-use connectors with the systems already in place 

•       Powerful Developer Hub to integrate guest WiFi into business strategies.


Download Cloud4Wi Splash data sheet here.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Create a bespoke guest WiFi experience in a few clicks
  • Easily manage guest data and consent collection in compliance with privacy regulations
  • Connect office visitors through an easy login, while reducing the workload for IT

Customer Results

Prada Group

Prada Group upgrades dining experiences with Cloud4Wi and Cisco Meraki:

  • 600+ stores worldwide
  • Customization of splash pages by brand
  • Support for multiple login options
  • Simple guest WiFi management.
  • Read the full success story here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cloud4Wi helps companies across multiple industries, including retail chains, restaurant chains, shopping centers, entertainment, transportation, finance, hospitality and more. Leading global companies rely on Cloud4Wi, including Armani, BAC Credomatic, Burger King, Campari, Carmila, Diamonds International, Gruppo FS Italiane, Guess, Herschend Family Entertainment, Klepierre, Kudu, Lacoste, Loro Piana, MaxMara, New York Botanical Garden, Prada Group, Talent Garden, The Cordish Companies and Valentino. 
    Cloud4Wi’s Splash is up and running in just a few steps: 1. Get your Cloud4Wi’s Splash account 2. Configure the Meraki dashboard 3. Add the APs in Cloud4Wi’s Splash dashboard 4. Personalize the guest WiFi experience (splash pages, login options) 5. You are live! With the new Meraki Connect, minimize setup and maintenance efforts!
    Cloud4Wi operates in any country. To date, Cloud4Wi connects more than 150 million mobile customers across 60,000 locations in more than 120 countries, while collecting more than 20 billion of location data per month. Cloud4Wi is headquartered in New York, and has offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Milan, Pisa, São Paulo, and Bangkok.


    Cloud4Wi support includes: - Technical documentation and FAQ - Cloud4Wi community - Software upgrades and updates - Ticket-based support - 24x7 telephone support