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Embrace location-based marketing to reach the right audience, at exactly the right place and time, and through the right channel

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Engage visitors with location-based marketing

Volare Compass from Cloud4Wi enables enterprises to embrace location-based marketing to reach the right audience, at exactly the right place and time, and through the right channel. With Volare Compass, enterprises can easily collect and manage the identity of their customers, in compliance with privacy regulations (for example, GDPR), and unearth in real time the behaviors of customers within their locations to initiate location-based marketing.

Key Features:

  • Easy collection of customers and on-site behaviors
  • Ability to build micro-segments
  • Real-time visitor engagement with relevant messages
  • Robust development tools to integrate on-site customers into existing marketing strategies.

Download the Volare Compass data sheet here.

Customer Results

  • Prada Group

    Prada Group embraces Cloud4Wi and Cisco Meraki to revolutionize in-store experiences:

    • 500+ stores worldwide
    • Creation of customer profiles
    • Insights into customer and in-store behaviors
    • Accurate people counting
    • Simple guest WiFi management.
    Read the full success story here.

  • PerDormire

    PerDormire, a leading bedding brand, needed to go through a digital transformation. To accomplish that, the company rolled out an in-store WiFi project partnering with Cisco Meraki and Cloud4Wi:

    • 1,140 customer profiles collected monthly
    • 81% opt-in ratio
    • 82% email open rate
    • 53% coupon redemption rate
    Read the full success story here.

Use Cases

  • Collect and manage customer profiles in compliance with privacy regulations
  • Enrich customer profiles with offline behavioral characteristics
  • Engage customers in real time leveraging location-based marketing
  • Empower behavioral targeting by building tailored audiences

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud4Wi helps enterprises across multiple industries, including retail chains, restaurant chains, shopping centers, transportation and more. Top global brands already rely on Cloud4Wi. They include ABSA, Adecco, Bulgari, Burger King, Carmila, Gruppo FS Italiane, HFE, Illy, Loro Piana, McDonald’s, Prada Group, Olive Garden, and VTB24.
Volare Splash is up and running in just a few steps:<ul> 1. Get your Volare Compass account 2. Configure the Meraki dashboard 3. Add the APs in Volare Compass dashboard 4. Personalize the guest WiFi experience and set-up your location-based marketing campaigns 5. You are live! </ul> With the new Meraki Connect, minimize setup and maintenance efforts!
Cloud4Wi operates in any country. To date, Cloud4Wi’s product suite connects more than 100 million mobile users across 30,000 locations in more than 100 countries, while collecting more than 7.5 billion of location data per month.

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