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Obtain insights into on-site customer behaviors for more informed marketing decisions and increased understanding of their effectiveness.

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Unlock the potential of on-site behavior analytics

Volare Spaces from Cloud4Wi enables enterprises to obtain insights into on-site customer behaviors for more informed marketing decisions and increased understanding of their effectiveness. Using Volare Spaces, enterprises can understand how customers behave while in their locations: where they gather the most, how long they stay, and how often they return. The Volare Spaces relies on powerful AI-driven algorithms to turn the massive volume of data collected into actionable insights.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive behavioral metrics: traffic index; attraction rate; bounce rate; returning rate; average visit duration
  • Powerful business-oriented tools to easily visualize quantitative behavioral insights
  • Custom time period to quickly discover business trends (full flexibility: day, week, month, year, custom range)
  • Rich set of APIs and webhooks to ingest on-site behavior analytics into third-party business systems
  • High accuracy of location analytics with Volare Sense, our WiFi sensor

Download the Volare Spaces data sheet here.

Customer Results

  • Gruppo FS Italiane

    Gruppo FS Italiane uses Cloud4Wi and Cisco Meraki to create smart cities:

    • 15 stations (600+ in roadmap) in Italy
    • 723k+ new online visitors in over one year
    • Context-aware services (e.g. timetable and maps)
    • In-depth insights into visitor behaviors within railway stations
    • Orchestration of services offered by stakeholders.
    Read the full success story here.

Use Cases

  • Understand which marketing campaigns are most effective in driving foot traffic to your locations, increasing sales and building loyalty
  • Increase the effectiveness of your on-site marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud4Wi helps enterprises across multiple industries, including retail chains, restaurant chains, shopping centers, transportation and more. Top global brands already rely on Cloud4Wi. They include ABSA, Adecco, Bulgari, Burger King, Carmila, Gruppo FS Italiane, HFE, Illy, Loro Piana, McDonald’s, Prada Group, Olive Garden, and VTB24.
Volare Splash is up and running in just a few steps: <ul> 1. Get your Volare Spaces account 2. Configure the Meraki dashboard 3. Add the APs in Volare Spaces dashboard 4. You are live!</ul> With the new Meraki Connect, minimize setup and maintenance efforts!
Cloud4Wi operates in any country. To date, Cloud4Wi’s product suite connects more than 100 million mobile users across 30,000 locations in more than 100 countries, while collecting more than 7.5 billion of location data per month.

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Cloud4Wi support includes: - Technical documentation and FAQ - C4W community - Software upgrades and updates - Ticket-based support - 24x7 telephone support.



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