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Effective Contact Tracing and People Finding

Maintaining a sanitary workplace has never been more important, most contact tracing solutions only cover peer-to-peer, this ignores the fact that viruses can remain on certain common workplace surfaces long enough to spread through touch. It’s critical not only for the 'who' but the 'where' as well.

This information can be piped real-time into any time-series database with historical data stored and made available through common analytics software.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • An employee has reported positive for a COVID test, a report is automatically generated for anyone who has been in close proximity over the last two weeks, as well as each location. People who have either been in close contact with either person or location visited within a 6 hour window is notified.
  • Locations identified as potentially at risk can automatically be made unavailable due to health risks, cleaners are notified and can prioritize these rooms to be sanitized. Once cleaners mark off the rooms, they are automatically made available again.
  • Any employee who returns a positive result will be unable to return to the office for two weeks automatically blocking any booking requests, management can also be notified to provide extra support during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

PlaceOS is an open-source integration platform that connects with every device, database, building, and corporate system to provide user experiences for the people who use them the most.
We install onto virtual machines using micro-containers, PlaceOS gives your IT department the control to install on either the cloud or on-premise.
Yes. Our flexibility to adapt to any solution requirements is something that sets us apart from other smart workplace solutions. There main three areas of customization are; Integration Drivers, Logic Drivers, and User Interfaces. There are also settings that you can change in the admin panel: any company with IT staff will have this ability.
On the design side, it’s all about having the right dependencies in place. PlaceOS is a server application so the requirements are low; just several things to consider like auth, SSL, network design, remote access, and server hardware specs.
This is up to you. We are a software company, all user interactions could happen from mobile devices or automatic control triggers. But it makes sense to have a kiosk or touch panel for some interactions. All we need is something that can run a web page in full screen 24/7: most likely some remote management capabilities too.