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The integration allows customers to:

1. Ingest and analyze Meraki events and SNMP metrics in Datadog

2. Manage Meraki events for security and audit purposes

3. Set up dashboards to visualize Meraki activity

4. Apply machine-learning based monitors and alerts on specific activity informed by Meraki events and metrics

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Tracking WPA authentication and deauthentication events per device
  • Detecting device packet floods
  • Device connection status to Meraki Cloud Network
  • Network Interface bytes sent and received
  • Network Interface packet sent and received

Frequently Asked Questions

Consolidate your monitoring by unifying Meraki events and metrics with performance data from the rest of your tech stack. Datadog’s SNMP autodiscovery will scan subnets, detect hardware types, and automatically monitor your Meraki devices with out of the box dashboards and monitors. Have access to integrated dashboards, built in tagging, and visibility over thousands of Meraki events and metrics alongside metrics, traces and logs from the rest of your environment.
All data sent to Datadog is encrypted both in transit and at rest. Learn more here:
Configure the integration in minutes with your Meraki API key. Learn more here: