Degree Analytics

Calculate student success metrics like class attendance, on-campus time, and academic time. Then analyze which behaviors drive success.

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Supporting Student Success with Meraki Data

Universities struggle with student success and they are trying to use data to determine which students will succeed.  The problem is they have a lot of data before students show up on campus, but once they arrive the only data they capture consistently is grades, which is very limited in how it can be used to support student success.

What universities do not realize is that the network holds the most relevant data for student success on campus.  It answers key questions they have always tried to answer, but never have been able to at scale:

  • What does the student experience actually look like?
  • What's the difference between a successful student and an unsuccessful student?
  • What students are going to class?  How often do they miss?
  • How are our facilities being used on campus?  By who?

Degree Analytics calculates hundreds of student behavioral metrics through the wireless network by combining network data with data from the university's Student Information System (SIS), and then analyzing the data from a student perspective, not a hardware or space perspective.

The data and analysis can be used to measure student success, create alerts for students in real-time, nudge students towards positive behaviors, measure program efficacy, and ultimately improve retention.

Graduate. More. Students.

Use Cases

  • Improving Retention and Graduation Rates for Higher Education
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Facility Optimization
  • Enhance Existing Student Success Platforms