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Manage Desk Tracking, Booking, and Utilization

  • Access real-time data on desk utilization
  • Locate any user plugged into the network
  • Enable users to book preferred desk locations
  • Easily manage social distancing guidelines by blocking desk availability if in breach
  • Monitor any equipment service requirements

Vital office real estate is one of the most costly overheads for any business, not being able to access analytics and information on this could be costly. 

PlaceOS integrations with Meraki Switching enable access to real-time data and analytics. This provides the tools for you to make data-driven decisions as well as enable users to book desks in preferred locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PlaceOS is an open-source integration platform that connects with every device, database, building, and corporate system to provide user experiences for the people who use them the most.
Yes and no. We can cover almost all the features any desk booking management tool covers with the added benefits of further integrations building out a more extensive ecosystem, rather than accomplishing one function.
Our partners will provide the project services including installation. If you would like to install your demo we have an open-source branch and set up instructions on our GitHub.
Yes. Our flexibility to adapt to any solution requirements is something that sets us apart from other smart workplace solutions. There main three areas of customization are; Integration Drivers, Logic Drivers, and User Interfaces. There are also settings that you can change in the admin panel: any company with IT staff will have this ability.
On the design side, it’s all about having the right dependencies in place. PlaceOS is a server application so the requirements are low; just several things to consider like auth, SSL, network design, remote access, and server hardware specs.