DFLabs IncMan

Cyber Incidents Under Control

Cyber incident response means the process of exchanging necessary information on a cyber security incident with individuals or organizations responsible for conducting or coordinating remediation to address the cyber security incident.

DFLabs’ Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, IncMan SOAR, is designed for SOCs, CSIRTs and MSSPs to automate, orchestrate and measure security operations and incident response processes and tasks, all from within one single, intuitive platform.

By integrating security tools, fusing intelligence, sharing knowledge and implementing seamless workflows, IncMan SOAR enables every security incident to be detected, responded to, and remediated in the fastest possible time frame.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Gather client information for a device involved in a potential security incident.
  • Automatically get detailed network traffic statistics to investigate suspicious network traffic or a potential network outage.
  • Add a new static route to restore network connectivity or isolate a potentially compromised host.
  • Automatically update a device in response to a security incident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A current list of integrations is available at https://www.dflabs.com/platform/integration-partners/. The Open Integration Framework makes it simple to integrate with new or home grown solutions.
Check out our most recent webinars, including demos, at https://www.dflabs.com/resources/on-demand-webinars/. To request a personal demo, please go to https://www.dflabs.com/request-a-demo/.
Please go to https://www.dflabs.com/incman-soar-community-edition/ and sign up for a Community Portal account. Once approved, you will receive instructions on downloading and installing the Community Edition.