DNA Nucleus Automation

Rapid provisioning of your Meraki investment

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, introducing an inevitable impact on the people and processes critical to its successful adoption. Set against the uncertain macroeconomic and social environments the world finds itself in, this impact is greatly compounded.

What if individuals and organisations could focus their finite resources on real business outcomes, generating innovation and growth without the distraction of traditional infrastructure adoption challenges?

The DNA Nucleus automation and orchestration platform aims to address these challenges by leveraging the power of the Meraki Dashboard API. It enables rapid device provisioning and the faster adoption of the Meraki platform, allowing effort to be focused where it is needed most.

Utilising the DNA Nucleus platform will address and solve typical deployment problems by:

  • Increasing efficiency per device with up to 75% reduction in engineering time and costs due to a zero-touch configuration approach
  • Onboarding new sites faster and more easily with a single non-technical drag and drop action
  • Reducing the chance of drift and nonconformity through complete configuration consistency and standardisation throughout a project
  • Avoiding input errors and reducing troubleshooting times and risks with data validation checks
  • Greater security with a 3rd Party mobile view for commissioning Meraki devices and overall project progress. No Meraki Dashboard access needs to be supplied.

The DNA Nucleus platform was shortlisted as a finalist from over 200 entries in the global Cisco 2020 Partner Innovation Challenge.

Customer testimonials:

  • “The app is working well saving us a lot of time building the networks, and once on site, the Meraki builds are very effective!”
  • “Without the DNA Nucleus app would you have been able to deliver at the current rapid pace?” Reply: "It would never have happened…", “…it saves 80-90% of the work" and "...saved a lot of on the ground manual effort."

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Rapidly configure 100s of sites and 1000s of Meraki devices quickly through a simple drag and drop action of a basic spreadsheet with no in-app configuration touchpoints.
  • De-risk projects that have tight delivery and commissioning timescales by eradicating all bench based pre-stage work, using the DNA Nucleus platform to configure all aspects of the Meraki investment.
  • Save on the onsite engineering costs by rightsizing the professional services aspect of the project and configuring the devices centrally using the API, rather than by local onsite resource using the Dashboard. As demonstrated in past projects, this could lead to more sites being completed in a given day, reducing the project completion date and costs.
  • Reduce the Time-to-Value and Time-to-Delivery as well as the over Total Cost of Ownership (CapEx) of Cisco Meraki and Cisco Catalyst technology adoption through two tier service orchestration across the Meraki platform and Cisco DNA Center platform.
  • Consultative design and enhancement practise to integrate the DNA Nucleus platform with your existing business, project and IT processes and investments. Contact the team to book in an automation design workshop.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Automation Success Story - Large Enterprise / Retailer

Automation, service orchestration and rapid deployment were key factors to the success of a recent £7M store network refresh project with the large UK retailer Co-op. The DNA Nucleus app was tasked with the configuration of over 2,600 stores and over 6,000 Meraki devices. All were completely zero touch configured and installed by much lower cost, non-network orientated Desktop Technicians. The result was time and money savings which led to the project being delivered ahead of time and budget!

Simplified Wi-Fi 6 adoption - Local Government / Schools

Driven by an ambition to rapidly adopt Wi-Fi 6 across all 68 primary and secondary schools in the region, in 2021 a Council used the DNA Nucleus app for their adoption of 1,300+ Cisco Enterprise Catalyst 9K Switches and Cisco Meraki MR and MS networking devices. Using the app, the Council have had the ability to concurrently zero touch configure all of their investment for Schools across the Meraki Dashboard and Cisco DNA Center, with a single point and click approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Today DNA Nucleus can operate with the Meraki Dashboard API and the Intent API on Cisco DNA Center.
Yes, we believe integrating DNA Nucleus with existing IT, Business and Project processes makes automation and service orchestration even more powerful, please speak to us about options for integration with other platforms or a more custom approach.
Yes, DNA Nucleus can email installation teams a PDF and XLSX of the Meraki devices provisioned for a particular site, these reports can be very useful to ensure installation teams rack and stack Switches in the correct stacking order as well as ensure the correct Meraki devices / serial numbers are taken to the correct site.
Yes DNA Nucleus users who are given Read-Only access can view the status of a rollout project. This function is very useful when providing 3rd Party Wireless AP installer basic mobile access to the DNA Nucleus app to understand online status without giving them access to the Meraki Dashboard.
Yes they are and we highly recommend using them for many reasons!
Yes, the DNA Nucleus platform can run on a Linux CentOS virtual machine, however where possible we recommend the cloud based approach.
The platform is accessible globally.
Yes, text within the platform can be customised to the particular rollout, for example, Schools, Stores, Sites, etc


Support tickets can be submitted through the DNA Nucleus platform.