ElevenOS Central Authentication and Captive Portal

Guests want a Wi-Fi experience that feels like home every time they stay at one of your hotels. They want to be recognized when they check-in and rewarded for their loyalty with an automatic connection and fast, reliable performance. They want to be further engaged with relevant information and offers to enhance their stay. While hotels want an easy way to manage Wi-Fi to deliver a familiar and truly satisfying connectivity experience regardless of hardware, software of service providers used at each individual property. In today’s mobile world, Wi-Fi is too important to be managed in a decentralized way. ElevenOS is a cloud guest Wi-Fi platform that works with your existing network infrastructure to deliver a consistently great Wi-Fi experience across all properties.

ElevenOS combined with Cisco Meraki hardware provides a cost-effective solution to centrally manage the guest Wi-Fi experience across all devices and properties with no additional hardware required. Create engaging branded portals and manage tiered Internet services from a simple user interface. Manage bandwidth and performance in real-time with robust dashboards for consistent, reliable, and high performance Wi-Fi, always and everywhere. It’s Wi-Fi management that staff and guests will love.

The ElevenOS Cisco Meraki integration now fully supports Conference Manager with advanced conferencing features. Conference Manager assists event planners and IT managers in setting up individual conference networks with bandwidth limiting and access management. The advanced conference features available with Meraki enable a wider breadth of options for these conferences, including:

  • Vanity SSIDs
  • Wired Port Support
  • Custom Portal Pages for individual conferences
  • Portal Bypass functionality
  • WPA2 Passphrase management

Download the ElevenOS + Meraki solution overview here.

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Key Features

Use Cases

  • As a Multi-Service Operator or other Service Provider, I have a repeatable, self-managing solution I can sell that, once set up, gives general managers the tools they need to manage access to Wi-Fi without requiring them to be hands on, managing the system. Through ElevenOS, I can setup up service plans to limit bandwidth and device counts per guest, and monetize traffic with native credit card and PMS gateway integrations. ElevenOS Portal Manager allows me to create visually appealing portals.
  • As a General Manager, I can monitor and manage guest Wi-Fi for the duration of their occupancy, create single-use access codes, create individual conference Wi-Fi settings, and then focus on other duties knowing that the system will manage itself without further attention from me. If I need to change access for a guest, it’s easy to do from the ElevenOS Site Manager dashboard.
  • As a guest I can get online quickly via the easy-to-use portal, and choose a service plan option that best suits me. If I have any questions I can find the FAQ and help options easily which will help me get connected. If I need to pay for faster service, based on the hotel operator’s service plans, I enter my information in a modern payment dialog and know that my information is encrypted and not stored in ElevenOS.
  • The ElevenOS platform offers flexible authentication options from traditional access codes and email addresses to automatic connection with MAC address and Passpoint (HotSpot 2.0) to seamlessly and securely connect guests throughout their stay and when they return.
  • Delight guests with dynamic, multilingual captive portals that are easily managed centrally across all properties. Create revenue and engagement opportunities with tiered plans and links to onsite amenities and local attractions with responsive design to support most device types.
  • Drive incremental revenue with tiered plans to meet guest needs. Today’s guests understand the value of enhanced Wi-Fi and are willing to pay for more speed and devices. ElevenOS integrates with leading property management systems (PMS) and 100+ credit card gateways for billing ease.
  • Better manage the connected guest experience across multiple properties within a brand or portfolio with usage and revenue tracking, bandwidth allocation reports, and more. Analyze rich Wi-Fi data from single properties or groups from a centralized web-based dashboard.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Eleven & TELUS Improve Guest Wi-Fi Experience at Sun Peaks Grand Hotel

In this case study, Sun Peaks Grand Hotel leverages a TELUS Pure Fibre™ network and ElevenOS to significantly improve the guest Wi-Fi experience. With the Meraki + ElevenOS solution the Sun Peaks IT team was able to increase customer satisfaction scores, and better manage their guest and conference space with Opera PMS integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eleven is a global company, and the scalable nature of the platform allows ElevenOS to be deployed anywhere. Eleven is based in Portland, OR and the platform is live in over 4,500 properties across the world.
Network integrators and property IT staff are the most common customers of Eleven. Through administrative and property level dashboards, these groups can manage and analyze their network and Wi-Fi traffic by utilizing the captive portals and central authentication platform. ElevenOS operates in many major hotel brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Wyndham, Best Western and Choice.
Service plans can be adjusted in realtime through the ElevenOS administrative dashboard. Bandwidth capacity, device limitations, time restrictions, and pricing can all be applied with a high level of granularity. Many other flexible options enable a unique, customized portal experience.
ElevenOS integrates directly with Oracle Hospitality Opera, and can leverage network gateways to integrate with other property management systems.
Reach out via the 'Contact' section and get in touch with the Eleven Sales Team. The team will walk through a demonstration of ElevenOS, answer any detailed questions, and begin the partner onboarding process. A remote deployment of ElevenOS can occur within 2-3 business days.
The ElevenOS Portal Manager supports a variety of languages by default such as Spanish, French, German and more. The portals are highly customizable and custom text can always be inserted.


ElevenOS is a cloud-based platform for managing guest Internet that delivers hardware authentication via the a certified gateway such as Cisco Meraki. Eleven provides full 24/7/365 support for its software platform and will assist in diagnosing authentication or billing related issues to determine a root cause, including whether it was ElevenOS, the authentication gateway, or the property management system that caused the issue. Eleven does not provide direct support of the authentication gateway itself, and that support should be obtained directly from the manufacturer.