Managed Services Platform for Cisco-Meraki

Encapto brings together Cisco-Meraki managed service offerings in a simplified MSP platform for SMBs.

Using Encapto, MSPs can bypass their legacy systems and reduce their operational burden to deliver simplified Cisco-Meraki products and services at scale to small businesses.

Our provisioning engine enables MSP product teams to turbocharge their go to market speed by reducing sale-to-billing timeframes dramatically, as well as improving the end-user experience with a unified, simplified and easy to use dashboard. 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Increase revenue: capture high growth SMB segments with ready-made networking (Meraki), security (Umbrella) and collaboration (Broadsoft, Webex) solutions.
  • Increase ARPU and attach rates: simply and rapidly upsell services to SMBs via our self-serve portal.
  • Improve margins: reduce cost of provisioning and support for scale via Encapto’s simplified deployment and management of all Cisco-Meraki services.
  • Increase stickiness: reduce churn by becoming the trusted SMB IT advisor to SMBs.
  • Enhance offer differentiation: cherry pick Cisco-Meraki features to showcase per industry and deliver a delightful user experience.
  • Reduce complexity: one unified portal for all managed services.
  • SMB ready, simplified deployments: easily customise product templates to deliver specific Cisco-Meraki features for each SMB vertical.
  • Increase time to market: quickly stand up managed service propositions with tools to sell, activate and support

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Customer Results

Telstra Air Merchant WiFi - Service Provider WiFi for the SMB Market

Single pane, intuitive, “just right” control over Cisco Meraki WLAN and Encapto's native guest onboarding features. Provisioned automatically with no staff intervention, Telstra Air Merchant delivers instant value add for Telstra and its customers using Cisco-Meraki MR33 APs to deliver its Air Merchant product. Telstra Air Merchant customers are not network managers. They demand quality without the complexity. So Encapto makes use of Cisco-Meraki's extensive API to deliver a simplified UI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Encapto brings together Cisco’s managed service offerings in a simplified MSP platform for SMB managed services. With Encapto, MSPs can sell, activate and support SMB managed services with a seamless customer experience.
Encapto is suitable for MSP's of any size. Encapto offers a turnkey solution that can build tailored managed service offers quickly and easily, doing all the heavy lifting which would be incredibly valuable to the MSP.
Yes. Encapto's multitenancy controls allows the managed service provider to manage all products for all customers in one place. This provides just right access for the customer and a holistic overview for the service provider via our MSP management interface.
Yes. Encapto supports customised templated deployments to specific SMB & enterprise verticals by aggregating relevant products and services within a dashboard to provide controls and analytics targeted to differing end-user skill set and needs.
Yes. Encapto allows an MSP to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack by delivering their very own branded SMB interfaces. You then provide each of your SMB managed service customers with their very own interface in your branding.
Cisco Meraki MR, MV, MX and MS, Cisco Umbrella and BroadSoft telephony services are currently supported. More of the Meraki stack is being added to the platform.
Encapto leverages Meraki’s APIs to do two things; automatically provision hardware using a reference configuration and then abstract specific functions and analytics into simplified dashboard widgets. This means near zero-touch provisioning of hardware for the MSP and ‘just right’ controls for the SMB user - like changing an SSID or changing a password.
Encapto delivers full GDPR functionality where end-users as part of the login process can elect to later manage data that is collected about them through a self-care portal.
Encapto has offices in the USA, Australia, India and the UK servicing customers globally.
Send us an email on [email protected] and a sales representative will get in touch.


Encapto provides around the clock support through a range of Service Level Agreements to meet the exacting needs of our customers.