MSP platform for automated service provisioning and simplified management interfaces for business customers to monitor and control their networks.

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Managed Services Platform for Cisco-Meraki

Encapto MSM combines the power of zero-touch provisioning for the Service Provider (SP) and simple, feature rich network control for their clients to deliver high value, low cost managed services in the small and medium business market.

Encapto MSM allows SPs to bring together services from the Cisco-Meraki portfolio and Encapto's onboard guest network features to create a “just right” fully managed network service. SPs then extend control to their clients over precisely the features required. MSM can be deployed to the SP data center or run from the Encapto Cloud.


  • Flexible customer provisioning via self-signup or SP ordering systems for distribution via retail and online channels
  • SP defined managed service leveraging Cisco-Meraki hardware and cloud services for network management and security
  • Significant scalability through zero-touch provisioning eliminating errors and saving time and money
    Simplified customer interface enables one-stop network management for non-technical users
  • End-user engagement and analytics features deliver huge ROI for SP customers
  • Massively expanded network footprint for delivery of other SP services in high footfall environments
  • Permissions layer isolates only the relevant Cisco-Meraki cloud functions for control by customer
  • SP interface for management and support for SMB services

Customer Results

Telstra Air Merchant WiFi - Service Provider WiFi for the SMB Market

Single pane, intuitive, “just right” control over Cisco Meraki WLAN and Encapto's native guest onboarding features. Provisioned automatically with no staff intervention, Telstra Air Merchant delivers instant value add for Telstra and its customers using Cisco-Meraki MR33 APs to deliver its Air Merchant product. Telstra Air Merchant customers are not network managers. They demand quality without the complexity. So Encapto makes use of Cisco-Meraki's extensive API to deliver a simplified UI.

Use Cases

  • Service Provider to quickly develop and launch Managed WiFi Service offerings with Broadsoft, Umbrellla, SD-WAN, and all features of MR, MX, MV
  • Seamless integration using Meraki APIs to deliver multiple products and services from the Cisco portfolio in single pane of glass managed service offerings
  • Increased Carrier WiFi footprint throught additional SP branded network access can be provisioned alongside customer-centric functions, for increased network coverage and data offload purposes.

Support Details

Encapto provides around the clock support through a range of Service Level Agreements to meet the exacting needs of our customers.



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