ENGAGEcx Digitizes your Destination

ENGAGEcx enables brands to Digitize their Destinations via deep location visibility, on-site engagement via closed loop occasion marketing and team empowerment through smart Collaboration.

  • Do you need to understand Customer Behavior by zone, hour or Daypart?
    ENGAGEcx Location Visibility provides deep knowledge of customer activity on-site by leveraging unique site & zone visits.
  • Are your marketing campaigns driven by on-site promoted events?
    ENGAGEcx Closed-loop Customer Engagement provides the mechanism to connect campaigns to an Occasion by interest, time of day and zones within a store.
  • Do you employees need to know who’s on site?
    ENGAGEcx Employee Collaboration featuring Max provides an intelligent agent for employees via Webex Teams that will provide the whereabouts and activities of key customers in real-time.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Unique Visits by Site, Zone and hour of day
  • Geo-fences or zones are drawn in-venue to capture customer behavior and drive engagement
  • Cross Channel Customer ID matching for integrating mobile and loyalty channels in real-time
  • Creation of 1st Party Customer Journey/Behavior & Audience Data - attributed with Location, Channel, Interest, Activity, etc.
  • Individual Profiles with cross-channel Customer Engagement Score
  • Personalization of Captive portal based on individual profile attribution
  • Occasion Management, Marketing & Attendance Analytics
  • Integration of Visits & Occasions into Enterprise Marketing platforms from Oracle, Salesforce & Adobe
  • Max by ENGAGEcx - Webex Teams bot/Intelligent Agent that enables teams to understand who is in-venue and locate them in real-time.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

International restaurant chain gains integrated view of the customer

An international restaurant chain uses ENGAGEcx to understand customer behavior in-venue, to increase the reach of their digital marketing efforts, and to thoughtfully target segmented customers with relevant offers.