Guest WiFi Identity Services

Envoy is redefining how offices manage visitors and deliveries to create an unrivaled first impression, boost efficiency, and keep offices secure.

Making workplaces work better

With over 50 million sign-ins to date, Envoy Visitors empowers workplaces to create a warm welcome for guests while safeguarding their people, property, and ideas.

The Envoy + Cisco Meraki integration allows you to easily provide Wi-Fi network access to your visitors. It securely provisions network access, so you no longer need to worry about insecure guest networks or manually providing network credentials.

Upon sign-in, the visitor will receive an email or text message with the Wi-Fi network name, password and access instructions. When they open any browser, a customizable splash page will prompt them to enter the password they received.

Customer Results

  • Xero knows the power of a great first impression

    "Envoy is this digital friend I get to hang out with every day. It’s one thing to have a teammate, it’s another thing to have a reliable teammate. That’s Envoy." - KYLE DE GOLIA First Impressions Coordinator at Xero

  • Technicolor and protecting IP

    "Every time I talk to someone about Envoy, they mention how sleek it is and how easy the sign-in, sign-out process is." LAUREN RIOS Project Manager, IT at Technicolor https://envoy.com/case-studies/technicolor/

Use Cases

  • Create a great experiences. The second your visitor walks in the door with streamlined check-in, automatic host notifications to reduce wait times, and secure guest Wi-Fi access with Cisco Meraki. Great for: Recruiting and candidate on-site interviews - Customer meetings - Vendor or client briefings - Executive or VIP visitors
  • Become more efficient. Automatically provision unique Wi-Fi network and password credentials via email or SMS.
  • Stay secure. No more insecure guest network policies. Get rid of random pieces of paper and looking for passwords on dry erase boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

V2 has more functionality to blocklist by visitor type from receiving credentials, and connects directly to the Meraki API, therefore when visitors sign out, their session ends automatically. The update also lets your Security team easily cross-reference internet activity to specific visitors.
the default session timeout for passwords is 24 hours, which is not changeable in Meraki. We expire the user when the visitor is signed out either manually or at the defined time using the setting to sign out all visitors.

Support Details

Case studies: https://envoy.com/case-studies/technicolor/ https://envoy.com/case-studies/xero/ https://envoy.com/case-studies/mailchimp/ https://envoy.com/case-studies/compass/



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