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Euclid's free visitor analytics gives you access to rich behavioral data via customer-facing Wi-Fi and marketing reach with built-in integrations.

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Free Visitor Analytics for Meraki Customers

Turn Your Existing Meraki Wi-Fi into a Powerful Marketing Tool - For Free.

Euclid Starter is a 100% free solution that provides advanced visitor analytics through Meraki’s Wi-Fi access points more quickly and easily than ever before. Great for retailers, restaurants, and venues looking to get more out of their existing wireless technology infrastructure, Euclid Starter offers a taste of the value that understanding exactly who visits your physical locations can bring to your organization.

With Euclid Starter, you can:

  • Reach Previously Un-marketable Audiences
    Extend the reach of your online advertising through Euclid's growing network of over 130 million devices, delivering the right message at the right time through our built-in integration with Facebook and Instagram.
  • Grow Your Customer Database
    Collect visitor profiles through permissioned captive portal login as well as passive device identification. These audiences can be fed into a variety of email marketing and advertising platforms to extend the reach of existing digital campaigns.
  • Retarget Visitors to Influence a Purchase
    Euclid Starter comes with a built-in integration to advertise to your visitors on Facebook as a Custom Audience or to identify new, high-value customers with a Lookalike Audience. Email addresses can also be exported to run direct email campaigns.

Euclid Starter is not just free to start, it’s free forever - just complete a simple, three-step process that requires NO additional hardware and takes only a few minutes to implement.

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Customer Results

Joann Stores increases high-intent, in-store shopper visits

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores has partnered with Euclid to gain more visibility into the customer journey.

Euclid has helped Joann:

  • Expand its audience through in-store customer profile acquisition
  • Drive new customers to its physical locations
  • Build high-performing social media campaigns using Euclid-based audiences

Read the full case study here.

Use Cases

  • Extend your marketing reach through Euclid's growing network of over 130 million devices.
  • Grow your customer database through permissioned captive portal log-in.
  • Influence the path to purchase through our built-in Facebook and Instagram integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Euclid Starter is for IT and marketers at retailers, restaurants, venues, and shopping malls who would like to not only identify visitors to their physical locations but also target them effectively.
Euclid Starter is currently available to brands in the United States and Canada.
Euclid Starter is free. Yes, free.
Euclid has had a long-standing strategic partnership with Meraki that makes onboarding extremely quick and easy. Brands that already use (or are looking to use) Meraki can expect a streamlined onboarding process to get even more value out of their Meraki access points.
To qualify you must have Cisco Meraki wireless technology or be in the process of implementing and must be located in either the United States or Canada
Once you sign up for Euclid Starter, you will receive an activation email that will take you through 3 quick steps to give Euclid everything we need to stand up your dashboard and captive portal. After the activation steps are completed, the Euclid team gets to work on your implementation (expect approximately 3 business days for implementation). Once that is completed, you will receive an email confirmation containing links to your Euclid Starter account.
This depends on how quickly you are able to complete the 3-step activation process. Most clients are able to complete this in 1-2 business days, but it often depends on creating the creative assets for the captive portal. Once activation materials are received, the Euclid team will generate your captive portal and configure your account within 3 business days. Visitor data begins getting collected the moment the Euclid Starter captive portal is activated.



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