Face Mask Detection

Verify face mask compliance, with precision


Keep people & places safe, with precision face mask detection
Our new 'Face Mask Detection' App leverages the power of MV Smart Cameras to verify with precision whether individuals are wearing face masks, so that you can effortlessly manage compliance requirements.

Our App can be deployed across a variety of environments, ranging from retail stores to commercial offices, and healthcare facilities to education campuses. Compliance metrics are then presented on a simple to understand dashboard, which includes live stats, multi-location insights, as well as the ability to drill down into specific times and sites.

The Face Mask Detection App also integrates with kiosk and digital signage to prompt your visitors and staff to wear a face mask, and to confirm when they are compliant. This self-service approach helps empower individuals to stay safe, while eliminating the high cost of deploying additional staff to manually verify face mask compliance.   

Unlike other vendors, EVERYANGLE have invested in building our own proprietary machine learning algorithms and custom datasets when developing our Face Mask Detection App. It is this investment that delivers greater capability and accuracy than you can expect from other 'one size fits all' solutions.   


Key Outcomes
• Scalable and cost effective real time face mask detection

• Verify face mask compliance irrespective of skin tone or gender

• Alert staff immediately when non-compliance events occur

• Powerful analytics dashboard to track and measure network wide compliance

• Integrated visitor messaging to enhance compliance and reassure visitors and staff


What happens next?
Get Alerts > SMS - Webex Teams - Microsoft Teams - Slack

• Manager Dashboards > Real time stats - Benchmarking - Cumulative data

Visitor Messaging > Compliance Prompts (e.g. "No mask detected") - On Digital Signage 

• IoT integrations > Smart speaker - Smart warning light - Door access control

• Virtual Assistant > Query anything - Filter by instance - Control your thresholds

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Verify staff and visitors are complying with face mask requirements
  • Generate real time non-compliance alerts
  • Identify data trends by location and time using intuitive dashboards
  • Full audit trail for compliance by facility

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Major Residential Healthcare Operator

Challenge: - No means of scalably detecting whether staff or visitors were complying with face mask requirements across 110 sites.

Approach: - Joint Meraki + EVERYANGLE ‘Rapid Proof-of-Concept’ program.

Joint Solution: - Meraki MV + EVERYANGLE Face Mask Detection App deployed across 2,000 MV cameras.

Outcome: - Scalable and cost effective real time face mask detection. - Powerful analytics dashboard to measure network wide facility compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide a free trial license to run a PoV in a live environment. We will firstly need to understand and assess the particular space and physical environment, entrances exits etc.
It will depend on the size of the space and the physical environment, number of entrances/exits etc. Please send details with floorplans and photos to [email protected] and we will advise.