Security at First Sight

The Forescout platform provides absolute device visibility and automated control to effectively manage cyber, operational and compliance risks while increasing security operations productivity. It is the first unified security platform to manage risk for the convergence of IT and Operational Technology (OT)/Industrial Control Systems. 

Device Visibility: Agentless discovery and classification in real time plus continuous posture assessment equals accurate situational awareness.

  • Discover every IP-connected physical and virtual device across campus, data center, cloud and industrial environments
  • Classify IT, IoT and OT/ICS devices in real time
  • Assess and continuously monitor device compliance without requiring agents

Automated Control: Use accurate situational awareness to automate policy-based controls and orchestrate actions with Cisco Meraki and many other third-party integrations to close security gaps and more effectively combat threats.

  • Conform with policies, industry mandates and best practices such as network segmentation
  • Restrict, block or quarantine non-compliant or compromised devices
  • Automate endpoint, network and third-party control actions

Key Features

Use Cases

  • 100% Device Visibility – across data center, cloud, campus (wired and wireless), IoT and operational technology (OT) network environments, regardless of network profile 802.1X, PSK or Open Guest Networks.
  • Continuous Device Compliance Enforcement - With the Forescout platform you can automate the process of bringing devices into compliance and keeping them that way. It validates that physical and virtual devices meet your compliance criteria and takes immediate action when they don’t. • Assess who, what, where, OS versions and more about your devices in seconds • Detect missing/broken agents without waiting for point-in-time VA scans • Control system configurations and manage weak/default password
  • Network Access Control – Forescout offers comprehensive NAC capabilities based on real-time, rich contextual visibility of devices the instant they access the network, regardless of network infrastructure within your extended enterprise. The Forescout platform continuously scans networks and agentlessly monitors the activity of all connected devices. The Forescout solution also lets you automate context-aware policy-driven actions such as per-session bandwidth controls, VLAN changes, ACLs, etc.
  • Dynamic Segmentation – Accelerate the design, planning and deployment of dynamic network segmentation across the extended enterprise to reduce your attack surface and regulatory risk. Leverage traffic flow and communication pattern insight and policy-driven, automated workflows such as VLAN changes, firewall tagging and more to ensure your segmentation policies are continually in place.
  • Incident/Threat Response – Immediately respond to threats and compromised devices upon detection with policy-driven actions to isolate threats on the network as well as initiate remediation workflows.
  • Orchestrate Wworkflows Across your Ssecurity and Management Tools – Share rich device context between the Forescout platform and other management and security products to automate policy enforcement, close security gaps across disparate solutions and accelerate system-wide response to mitigate risks. Pre-built integrations are available with partners such as ServiceNow, Splunk, Medigate, CyberArk, CrowdStrike, VMware, Microsoft, IBM, Rapid7, plus many more.
  • Zero Trust Enforcement – The Forescout platform allows organizations to embrace Zero Trust architecture for all IP-connected systems—whether managed, unmanaged, virtual, physical, wired or wireless —across your extended enterprise. This visibility and control platform helps you: • Eliminate risk by identifying, understanding and controlling access to all devices, users, apps and workloads; • Map data flows to design segmentation policies and simulate them for non-disruptive deployment;

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Forescout platform is pre-built with Meraki integration, nothing needs to change in your existing environment.
Forescout supports Meraki MR, MS, MX and Z product lines.
No. The Forescout platform works with or without 802.1X.
No. The Forescout platform is vendor-agnostic and supports heterogeneous network environments without requiring infrastructure upgrades or updates.
Customers gain comprehensive visibility of all devices within days of starting implementation, with policy-based controls often functional within weeks.


Forescout offers several levels of support and maintenance, allowing you to choose a support option to match your business needs—from ActiveCare Basic to around-the-clock business-critical support provided with Forescout Premium Care.