Visionary Construction Software

Forsight transforms your Meraki cameras into an automated safety and security system. By expanding upon MV Sense analytics, Forsight can detect and alert you to hardhat and safety vest compliance issues, social distancing infractions, dangerous work areas, various construction vehicles, and more. Safeguard your site against vandalism, theft, and fire with another set of eyes that never blinks.

Forsight Video Dashboard Unified dashboard for all your cameras across all of your projects, with  real-time streaming, easily searchable video events, and archive for all your cameras footage. 

Automatic Safety Detection Ensure that everyone on site is safe with proper PPE and social distancing detection.  Monitor worker distance from dangerous objects/machinery, leading edges and other dangerous work areas.  Set up smart geofences to adapt Forsight to your site’s needs.

Automatic Security Detection Keep your site secure and protected from theft, intrusion, arson, vandalism, and fire. Get smart alerts as events unfold. Limit false alarms at the source and create unique smart rules for different parts of your site.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Monitor safe practices and prevent safety incidents - with PPE, safe zone and social distancing detection and alerting
  • Keep your jobsite/property secure - with smart geofences, real-time AI driven alerts and fire detection
  • Better understand your site and communicate more effectively - with heat-maps, time-lapses and in-frame commenting
  • Manage your cameras - from a centralized dashboard where all streams, sites and networking info is displayed

Frequently Asked Questions

We have built video-based social distancing detection and keep records of every social distancing ‘infraction’ event for contact tracing purposes.
Forsight leverages any Meraki MV device after second generation MV.. As an added bonus if you use Meraki networking switching we can provide you with real-time updates on any networking issues and their cause
Forsight is constantly improving our product and adding new objects, we’d love to hear more about what you want to add and why!
With smart geofences you can designate the type of object that you want to track coming in, or out, of a designated area within the video frame. For example, warn me if a vehicle leaves a designated area. Or a person without a hardhat enters one.
Yes, we offer a 30 day free trial!