GoZone Analytics4WiFi

Unlock the Power of Smart WiFi

Understand how visitors interact with a space, and interpret that data to strategically improve business operations.

The Analytics4WiFi platform captures and analyzes comprehensive location analytics collected on guest WiFi networks.  Location analytics include traffic counts, passerbys, new and returning visitor counts and detailed dwell times. In addition, the Analytics4WiFi platform displays traffic patterns and time-based heat maps to show traffic trends within a venue in selected time increments.

GoZone WiFi's reporting engine can be setup with customized notifications when certain thresholds are met, allowing you near real-time traffic flow alerts. With access to detailed presence analytics, heat maps, traffic patterns, and dwell times, venues can strategically refine operations.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Respond to real-time traffic notifications, alerting staff of extremely high traffic or congested areas in large public venues.
  • Heatmapping technology enables retailers to visually analyze traffic patterns in order to strategically place merchandise, signage, and promotional items for better conversions.
  • Strategically place vendors in areas with greater dwell times, driving purchasing behavior at events and festivals.
  • Compare event traffic to measure changes in attendance year over year.
  • Easily understand busy days and times in public spaces to improve traffic flow and overall operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

* Analytics4WiFi can be used in a variety of settings to analyze traffic flow and trends. Large public venues such as stadiums, conference centers, public spaces, airports, and events have the greatest potential use for the powerful tools within the platform.
Yes, it can be installed on multiple access points and at multiple locations and aggregated data will be available in a single view within the dashboard.
GoZone operates internationally.
GoZone currently supports 7 different languages:  Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
GoZone Analytics4WiFi provides more data and more granular data. It also works across hardware platforms in mixed equipment environments to provide a single pane of glass, regardless of the hardware installed.
No, you do not, our platform is completely cloud-based. 
They do not, but if they do, more information can be collected, aggregated and analyzed for additional insights.
Yes, our platform is designed with operator-level and client-level features, and we offer several different program levels to help resellers and venues of all sizes and budgets utilize our services.