GoZone WiFi Marketing4WiFi

Unlock the Power of Smart WiFi

Get to know your customers, and keep them coming back for more. Marketing4WiFi gives venues the power to gather valuable customer data over guest WiFi, then deliver targeted and timely messages to build lasting customer relationships. 

GoZone WiFi's cloud-based marketing dashboard enables business owners to collect detailed customer demographic data including name, age, gender, birthdate, and contact information. Venues are now able to analyze and apply this information to inform smarter business practices and expand marketing efforts. With access to guest data, businesses can drive customer loyalty using tools to execute automated email, SMS, and social campaigns based on specific guest behaviors. Build better relationships by growing social media and personalized end-user engagement.

The platform allows venues to reinforce branding with tools to fully customize login and landing pages. Build on in-house systems and remarket to guests with ease with multiple API integrations. Gone are the days of mass marketing and hopes for the best results - businesses of any size can now drive sales with trackable and redeemable coupons and data-powered campaigns. 

With this powerful solution, White Label partners are able to provide a complete marketing suite to their business customers, driving ROI for the partner and the venue.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Increase customer loyalty with automated email, SMS, and social campaigns.
  • Reinforce your brand with fully customizable login and landing pages.
  • Build on in-house systems and remarket to guests with multiple API integrations.
  • Drive sales with trackable and redeemable coupon campaigns.
  • Analyze detailed user demographics with social data collection.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Bringing Connectivity Into View at the Grand Canyon Resort

Grand Canyon West, including the Hualapai Lodge, was looking for and indoor/outdoor connectivity solution with an improved user experience. GoZone and Meraki implemented a comprehensive connectivity, guest engagement and venue intelligence solution, enabling visitors to stay connected. Setup of 83 APs was simple with an immediate return on investment for the marketing department with over 110,000 guest profiles created in the first six months.

Matchbox Pizza Drives Rewards Program with Smart WiFi

Matchbox Pizza was looking for a way to offer safe and secure WiFi to their guests, collect and understand guest data, grow their loyalty rewards program, and remarket across their growing number of restaurants. GoZone and Meraki implemented a multi-location solution across 13 locations, and the business saw a 19% increase in rewards customers in the first six months of use. As the franchise grows, they continue to turn to Meraki and GoZone for a seamless connectivity and engagement tool.