Guest WiFi | Skyfii

Deliver Amazing Guest WiFi Experiences

Skyfii's Guest WiFi is a secure, reliable, and flexible solution for delivering amazing WiFi portal experiences. Our solution combines powerful customization tools, robust integrations, and customer intelligence features to help you drive more value from your WiFi network. 

Provide Seamless Connectivity, With Less Hassle

Designed with scalability and flexibility in-mind, Skyfii makes it easy to design, customize, and publish unique captive portal experiences that look great on any device.

  • Fully customize the layout and design of your portals with our WYSIWYG editor, and fine tune with HTML  and CSS
  • Easily publish and manage unique captive portal experiences at the access point, zone, venue, and portfolio level
  • Scales from a single access point to thousands as needed

Create More Engaging In-venue Experiences

Provide a better visitor experience with useful information, personalized content, and interactive features delivered through your WiFi captive portals.

  • Provide useful information about what's happening in your venues – including wayfinding, events, and new amenities and services
  • Drive venue engagement with targeted content, including videos, personalized offers, custom landing pages, and more
  • Enable guest check-in, access management, reservation booking, and other interactive features 

Empower your Business with Data-Driven Insights

Collect valuable insights about visitors and their behavior to better understand your audience, and rapidly grow your marketing database and loyalty programs.

  • Collect visitor contact, demographic, loyalty, and other types of information
  • Deliver surveys through your portals to collect insights about customer experiences and sentiment
  • Enable visitors to easily opt-in to marketing communications and loyalty programs through WiFi sign-on

About Skyfii

Skyfii's Guest WiFi solution has been proven by high-demand venues around the globe. It's currently deployed by many of the most recognizable retail property groups, transportation hubs, hospitality groups, retailers, and smart cities around the globe.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Deliver a seamless guest WiFi experience. Provide visitors with a reliable and performant guest WiFi experience that matches your brand, and looks great on any device.
  • Grow your marketing and loyalty programs. Allow visitors to opt-in to your marketing lists and enroll in loyalty programs when they register to your WiFi networks.
  • Drive visitor engagement. Deliver targeted offers, video, surveys, and information about your venues through WiFi portals.
  • Learn more about your visitors. Collect contact, demographic, behavioral, and other types of information from visitors.
  • Monetize your WiFi network. Integrations third-party advertising networks and sponsored media to create additional revenue opportunities

Customer Results

Leveraging WiFi for Shopper Insights

Aliansce Shopping Centers manages the second largest portfolio of malls in Brazil. When they sought a high-performance guest WiFi service, Skyfii delivered a solution that helped them easily connect their shoppers, while also providing rich insights about their behavior and experiences. Deployed over Meraki access points across 20 malls, Skyfii’s solution has helped Aliansce collect behavioral insights on over 34 million visits, and quickly grow its marketing database.

Improving Marketing Performance for Global QSR Chain

Skyfii is helping a Global QSR chain use its Meraki WiFi network to deliver more personalized and effective marketing campaigns across its portfolio of restaurants. Using Skyfii's platform, the client can drive sales with personalized offers automatically delivered to customers' devices while in-venue, automatically re-engage customers who haven’t visited in a while to increase loyalty, and continually optimize those campaigns by measuring their effectiveness on in-venue visits and purchases.

Creating Marketing Opportunities for Tenants

The Boulders Shopping Centre is leveraging Skyfii’s Guest WiFi and proximity marketing tools to create new and engaging marketing opportunities for their tenants. When they ran an interactive “Spin to Win” campaign in their WiFi login portal, they saw a 70% redemption rate on prizes (vs industry standard of 10-20%), while also successfully capturing the interest of their tenants. Over 10 tenants are now interested in purchasing dedicated advertising time in the center's WiFi portal.