Healthcare RTLS Solutions

Location insight to patients, staff, and equipment

AiRISTA Flow's Unified Vision platform uses wireless tags for patients, staff, and equipment that relay location from your Meraki infrastructure. Automated alerts allow a real time response to surges and bottlenecks. Reports collect data for flow analysis and continuous process improvement. Ideal for use across the hospital, the platform coordinates staff and equipment to respond to changing patient patterns through the delivery system.

  • Efficient utilization of medical equipment
  • PAR level accounting & alerts
  • Dwell time/hoarding in specific areas or process points
  • “Find Nearest” asset in real time
  • Reduce healthcare acquired infections
  • Guard against patients wandering and falls
  • Comply with directives for staff's physical safety
  • Respond to excessive patient wait times
  • Automate patient satisfaction scores based on time/location

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Asset Tracking - Locate the nearest equipment to your location immediately. - Alert to Par levels that exceed or dip below user definable thresholds. - Avoid over-procurement through historic analysis of utilization - Discourage hoarding of equipment
  • Patient Flow - Monitor and alert to excessive wait times - Track time spent with various staff or departments - Sends alerts or reminders to patients with flashing LEDs, buzzer, or vibration
  • Staff Safety - Scramble aid to staff in duress - Record events with timestamps for record keeping or practice. - Programable buttons indicate when help is on its way or if escalation is required. - Text interface on tag to help responders prepare for and locate the incident.
  • Contact Tracing - Alert wearers of tags when they are within a predefined perimeter of another tag - Store up to 100 contacts on the tag and upload contacts to the server when in the vicinity of a Meraki access point. - Contact histories make contact tracing simple and instantaneous.
  • Wander Management - Prevent elopement in senior care settings - Integrate with building systems for automated door locks - Integrate with Meraki cameras for real time video feeds.
  • Hand Hygiene - Improve compliance and reduce HAIs - Works with any vendor's dispenser - Create different protocols for different units or staff. - Use automated reports to encourage change through gamification.
  • Staff Workflow - Record time spent with patients - Record nurse rounding - Send texts to personnel tag for real time responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Using the variety of APIs supported by the Unifird Vision solution, we can control physical devices like locks as well as Meraki cameras.
Yes. Hand sanitization requirements differ by the unit and individual. The workflow rules in Unified Vision can monitor and remind individuals based on type of sanitizer (soap, alcohol, etc.) as well as the role of the individual.
Yes. Assets are categorized as in-use based on the area/zone they are in (e.g. sanitization room) or by integrating with the asset vendor's application (e.g. indication from infusion pump manufacturer's application indicating current state of the pump).
Yes. Most of the tags have 1 or 2 programable buttons to support custom workflows. These buttons can be used to indicate when a bed is available, when a pump needs sanitization, etc.
The tags measure dwell time as an indication of waiting times. They have LEDs and buzzers to remind the patient of an upcoming event. And they have a programmable button that patients can use for things like an immediate satisfaction quiz (e.g. press once for "good" and twice for "poor").