Indoor Wayfinding by PenguinIN

For venues that Care

PenguinIN real-time wayfinding solution provides turn-by-turn navigation to points of interest inside venues. With enterprise-grade accuracy that is continuously monitored and strictly ensured by the PenguinIN team. Our platform provides superb visitor experience where being lost or disoriented is a thing from the past.

The solution is multi-platform software SDK to be integrated with mobile applications enabling the user to access navigation and wayfinding functionality from the comfort of their smartphone.

Using Meraki's Location and Scanning APIs, PenguinIN works with clients deploying Meraki infrastructure to enable wayfinding feature.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Natural language instructions with references to stores and points of interest.
  • Provide path auto-rerouting in addition to visual warning upon taking incorrect path.
  • Embedded SDK to provide full mapping experience and wayfinding support including zoom-in, zoom-out and map rotation.
  • Built-in rich reporting tools to support decision making by operators.