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Emergency mass notification software that can be integrated with Cisco Meraki Cameras and Cisco Webex Teams.

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InformaCast is a mass notification system developed by Singlewire Software. A Solutions+ partner, InformaCast has been an integral part of CUCM for years. It has helped organizations across a wide range of industries deliver mass notifications through Cisco IP phones and other endpoints to enhance safety and communication during crisis events.

Now, InformaCast can integrate with two new Cisco tools to further expand the notification and collaboration abilities of the platform. When alerts are triggered using InformaCast, messages can include a link to the view a feed from the nearest Cisco Meraki Camera. Cameras can also trigger alerts through InformaCast using motion sensors. This provides more context for administrators during an emergency to help manage a response.

Responses can also be managed through Cisco Webex Teams. InformaCast notifications can be launched using shortcuts typed into Cisco Webex Teams to alert people about a situation. InformaCast can also automatically launch a Cisco Webex Teams space when a notification is triggered to bring together key stakeholders quickly.

Customer Results

  • InformaCast Delivers Connected Campus Security Solution

    BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Northcentral Technical College (NTC) serves about 30,000 students across 10 counties on various campuses in Wisconsin. The security and IT team needed a way to send a mass notification to everyone and lockdown buildings in case of an emergency. SOLUTION: NTC uses InformaCast emergency notification system, in conjunction with other technology solutions, to provide a safe and secure campus that can get information in the form of a critical notification to those who need it.

Use Cases

  • Campus Safety, Incident Management, Video Camera Integration with Webex Teams, Mass Notification

Support Details

The InformaCast support team is highly rated by customers for its expertise and quick response times. Support for InformaCast is available. Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CDT.



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