IO Engage | Skyfii

Automated, Location-based Marketing

Skyfii's IO Engage is a robust proximity marketing suite. It helps venues engage visitors with highly-personalized content, at the optimal time and location to drive action. 

  • Send personalized offers and communications to visitors based on their location and behaviors in your venues
  • Use automated surveys to collect feedback about specific experiences, services, and amenities in your venues
  • Deliver relevant information, and promotions to visitors when they login to WiFi

With IO Engage you can engage visitors based on their past actions and behaviors in your venues. This allows you cut through the noise, and reach visitors with highly-relevant content that matches their interests. Send targeted communications to visitors based on how often they visit, when they visited last, and the types of tenants, retail departments, and amenities they engage with. 

Reach Visitors on Multiple Channels

IO Engage uses location and presence data provided by Meraki WiFi access points, as well as beacons and BLE,  to trigger messages to visitors over multiple channels, including:

  • WiFi captive portals
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social
  • Digital Signage
  • And more...

Location-Based Triggers

Trigger automated proximity marketing campaigns based on visitor behavior:

  • Following entry or exit from a venue
  • Dwell time in an area
  • Proximity within a zone (e.g., near a product or within a particular department) 
  • Digital action (WiFi sign-on, purchase, interaction with a mobile app, etc)

About Skyfii

Skyfii is a global technology company that transforms the way organizations collect, analyze, and extract value from data. Our software and services help over 10,000 shopping centers, airports, retailers, universities, smart cities, and other venues create more operationally efficient, enjoyable, and profitable spaces every day. 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Drive sales. Deliver highly-targeted offers to visitors while in your venue, and re-engage them with related offers after they leave.
  • Encourage loyalty. Drive enrollment in loyalty programs, reward your most loyal and frequent visitors with exclusive content, and incentivize return visits with redeemable coupons.
  • Deliver surveys. Use automated surveys to collect feedback about the amenities, services, and experiences in your venues
  • Provide useful information. Deliver wayfinding information, updates about what's happening in your venues, and promote local attractions and onsite events.
  • Promote your tenants and venue. Drive engagement with your retail tenants, and promote onsite amenities and services.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Improving Marketing Performance for Global QSR Chain

Skyfii is helping a Global QSR chain use its Meraki WiFi network to deliver more personalized and effective marketing campaigns across its portfolio of restaurants. Using Skyfii's platform, the client can drive sales with personalized offers automatically delivered to customers' devices while in-venue, automatically re-engage customers who haven’t visited in a while to increase loyalty, and continually optimize those campaigns by measuring their effectiveness on in-venue visits and purchases.

Creating Marketing Opportunities for Tenants

The Boulders Shopping Centre is leveraging Skyfii’s Guest WiFi and proximity marketing tools to create new and engaging marketing opportunities for their tenants. When they ran an interactive “Spin to Win” campaign in their WiFi login portal, they saw a 70% redemption rate on prizes (vs industry standard of 10-20%), while also successfully capturing the interest of their tenants. Over 10 tenants are now interested in purchasing dedicated advertising time in the center's WiFi portal.