IO Insight | Skyfii

Location Intelligence for Venues

In order to maximize the potential of their spaces, venues need intelligent insights on how people are utilizing them. 

Skyfii's IO Insight is a powerful location analytics platform that provides these insights. It transforms data from Meraki WiFi APs, MV Cameras, and other data sources into intelligent insights on visitor behavior, flow, space utilization, and more. 

Key Features

  • Easy to use reports provide real-time and historical insights on visitor behavior, traffic counts, journey paths, space utilization, marketing performance, and more
  • Connect a wide range of data sources to build a comprehensive view of visitor experiences and venue operations
  • Seamless cloud-based integration with Meraki APs and MV Sense Cameras is scalable across thousands of venues

Skyfii IO Data Integrations

  • WiFi Access Points
  • Meraki MV Sense Cameras
  • People Counters
  • Point of Sale
  • Staffing/ERP
  • CRM & Marketing
  • Web & Social Media
  • Beacons
  • Carpark
  • And more...


About Skyfii

Skyfii is a global technology company that transforms the way organizations collect, analyze, and extract value from data. Our software and services help over 10,000 shopping centers, airports, retailers, universities, smart cities, and other venues create more operationally efficient, enjoyable, and profitable spaces every day. 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Improve visitor flow, wait times, and reduce congestion.
  • Optimize tenant mix and leasing with detailed traffic insights
  • Attribute marketing campaigns to in-venue purchases and visits
  • Optimize staff scheduling to more accurately meet demand, reduce costs, and improve visitor experiences.
  • Make more informed property development decisions by understanding how visitors engage with your properties

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