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Digitalizing the physical space (WiFi & Cameras)

Analytiks, formely known as Jogogo, empowers organizations to gain a clear understanding of their customer journeys in their physical spaces and measure the conversion funnels that matter to them.

About Analytiks AI: the #1 WiFi and Camera analytics AI platform for both SMB and Enterprise.

Analytiks is Cisco Meraki technology partner that offers a ML-powered platform that captures, processes and aggregates information in real-time on consumer behaviour in stores. Leveraging Cisco Meraki WiFi infrastructure and MV cameras, Analytiks brings unprecedented data and tools to measure the behaviour of people visiting, interacting and engaging into the offline world.

Measure consumer behavior in your retail spaces by leveraging the power of Analytiks along with Meraki WiFi Access Points and Cameras.

Measure store activity and performance in real-time:

  • Number of visitors that enter your store
  • Time spent in-store
  • Frequency of visits
  • Traffic per hour & per day
  • Segment visitor activity by demography
  • Conversions such as throughway rates, visits to check out rates, visitor to staff ratios

Measure consumer journey from check-in to check out:

  • Measure consumer activity and performance in your aisles and departments
  • Drill down into a given aisle or department to understand how visitors behave (traffic, duration, low & peak hours, density of traffic, directionality)
  • Measure most common paths that visitors take past entry, attribution and conversion funnels

Go beyond guest WiFi and enhance your store experience.

Agnostic store check-in methods:

Incentivize your consumers to engage with your brand based on their mobile habits.

In-Store Mobile Engagement Tools:

Once a customer has checked-in, increase their in-store experience by providing them with contextually relevant notifications, communications or redirection links such as (no app nor beacons required):

  • Store information
  • Assistance (support, chat, phone, web)
  • Discoveries (offers, products, events)
  • Loyalty (such as applications, community pages, memberships)

Engagement statistics and tools based on your cross channel strategies:

  • Measure engagement insights, offline-online attribution and visitor behaviour based on demography and interests
  • For a more unified experience with your technology stack, notifications and communications can be sent through one or more channels (SMS, Email, Push Notification or API)


Key Features

Customer Results

Decathlon 360 Analytiks

We are providing Decathlon, the world's largest sporting goods retailer, the full-stack analytics solution they had been looking for, for years. Decathlon uses our full analytics solution (Meraki MR and MV) to better understand their customers. They use the camera for highly accurate people count and the guest WiFi to gather more data on the customers such as dwell time, frequency of visits, name, email, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Walk-bys encompass the total amount of foot traffic passing directly in front or in close proximity to the commercial establishment; The number underneath is a comparative for the exact period prior. The retailer can easily identify if you have a higher or lower percentage of Walk-bys for the same time period.
The percentage of walkbys that were converted into visits also known as the attraction rate; the number underneath is a comparative for the exact period prior. The retailer can easily identify if the conversion rate is higher or lower for the same time period.
An engaged visitor is someone whose presence was detected inside the commercial establishment for longer than 2 minutes. The retailer can easily identify if the average daily visits are higher or lower for the same time period.


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